construction training

As a family, we enjoy a good adventure: a day trip to the zoo, a weekend 'back home' at Mama's house, a long weekend in a tent, our annual week of sun and surf with family at Sunset Beach,  an escape to the warmth down south to visit the mouse, traipsing across the kids' homeland for a few weeks.  You name it, we like a good trip.

But if the truth be known, we're really a family of homebodies at heart.  Sometimes we can't imagine anything much better than hanging at home.

Especially if it means exploring a hobby with Daddy.

I'm not sure who was more excited about building these little wooden Tonka truck sets.

The kids had been begging to construct them for weeks.

But there had been a special twinkle in the blue eyes of my husband the day he came home from the home improvement store with them.  

So perhaps, or actually, make that an 'I am sure', he edged them out in the excitement factor.

There is something ever so precious about seeing your kids and their daddy so excited to share in a project together.

They had so much fun creating their little Tonka trucks under Daddy's watchful eye.

Guess you could call it operation warm up for the bunk bed project currently going on upstairs.  It's slightly slow going, but my whole crew is getting experience in measuring, marking, and using a power drill.  It's awesome to see them all working together!

Oh, and I have no idea why the boys didn't have shirts on at the beginning.  The project got underway when I was on a mild/banana/eggs run...

**actual event January 12**


Laine said... like little trips, huh?

Heather said...

Looks great, guys! You look like pros!