celebrating six

There are days that I take for granted the fact that Kylie has not one, but TWO of her beloved China sisters right here in our greater metro area.

On Sundays Kylie learns more about her Heavenly Father in class at church with Darby.  And through the week she attends the same little neighborhood school with Lottie.  Of all my kids, she seems to need these connections the most.

We are so blessed.

And since we are all so close, we got together to celebrate six years of knowing our oldest girls.  It was a full family affair that started at a local park.  

There was ball to be played.

And Chinese jump rope to master.

the little sisters
And of course all sorts of wheels to ride.

our beautiful girls and their seven siblings
And while they played some with their siblings, much of their time was focused together.

Jumping rope.

my girl caught some serious air!
In prime seven and 'almost seven' year old sweetness.

Yes, our table got a lot of second looks at the Chinese buffet where we went to eat our celebratory dinner.

Maybe it was because there were ten kids at one end of the table with six Caucasian adults at the other.

Or maybe, just maybe, the joy radiating from our three beautiful girls turned heads.

Happy 6 years girls!


likeschocolate said...

So wonderful! Congratulations!

Traci said...

How can it have been 6 years?!!! Happy Gotcha day girls!!!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a wonderful celebration with the three families. How blessed you are!

Courtney said...

What a great celebration. You are blessed to have wonderful friends so close by.

Nancy B W said...

Wow, 6 years?! How cool is that you have 2 of the girls close by too!