hoping to strike out

With four (can't wait until we have #5 home) kids, we're always looking for a good bargain when it comes to our entertainment choices.  We rely a good bit on memberships to places like the zoo and our children's museum as well as free places like a local science museum or parks.  But every now and then a good coupon comes along and we branch out to try something new.

While we had planned to visit the zoo over the weekend between Christmas and New Year's, weather changed our plans.   With colder than usual temps and blustery wind, Ian and I made the executive decision to spend our mystery trip indoors and try our family hand at bowling.  After all, the deal we scored included two hours of bowling for up to six people, shoe rentals, a large bag of popcorn and a pitcher of soda.

None of the kids had ever been bowling ~ unless you count the time they've logged knocking down pins on the Wii.

They were a pretty quick study though.

 And after a few lessons from Daddy...

...and a little assistance from the ramp...

...the real fun started.

There were expressions of surprise...

...and real excitement.

And maybe even a few of frustration that it wasn't the kids who were most utilizing the bumpers.

While our relatives in the midwest who belong to bowling leagues would not call our family's efforts true bowling, we sure had fun.  Now we're just watching for the next coupon for a family fun day of knocking down pins.


Glenda said...

What a great idea! I'm sure there were lots of great family memories made.

Traci said...

That is so fun! I have never seen the ramps before!

Kathy said...

Bowling is such great family fun!! But since when could you use a ramp?? Great idea for the little ones.