breaking the rules

Not so many years ago, Ian and I knew exactly how we were going to parent children.  We had all the answers, were full of opinions, and certainly had some rules set that we knew we would always abide by.

Then we became parents.

And we realized that it wasn't quite as straightforward as we had believed.

Take for instance makeup.

With the exception of lip gloss and nail polish (little girlie colors of course) our girls would not be wearing makeup out in public until the teenage years.

Until last week when I took my five year old shopping for makeup that would compliment her skin tone.

She had after all both sincerely thanked Jesus that she would be brave for her visit to the "polka dot doctor" and showed her vulnerable side by breaking down in tears at the thought of classmates laughing at her when they saw her dots for the first time.

Yes, I could have kept her out of school for days until the little, round bruises faded.  She is after all reading and writing at a mid-first grade level by now.  Missing a week of kindergarten wasn't going to set her back.

But have I mentioned that she likes, no, make that really it loves school?

And this week there were activities like painting with food dye tinted ice cubes, making ice cream in class, and most importantly, a kindergarten parade to celebrate the school's Letterland Day.

So off to the world of concealer and foundation we went.

That makes something like 437 pre-set rules of the M parent code broken.

But seeing Fix it Max and Lucy Lamplight all suited up Friday morning, full of smiles and ready to go was TOTALLY worth it.

Of course just seeing "the twins" suited up wasn't quite enough.  Ian, Daniel and I just had to go watch the fun.

Fix-it-Max was happy to see us.

We think.

But Lucy Lamplight?

That mega-watt smile made breaking the rules completely worthwhile!

But we're holding firm on the "no dating until they are 25"...


likeschocolate said...

Yes, I was the same way! I thought I had all the answers until God told me otherwise. Now, I just laugh at how naive I was!

Traci said...

Awesome!!! P and M will not drive until they are 21 and not date until they are 30!! LOL

Our Journey to China said...

Love it! Yes, I am still 'learning' on the parent curve third time around! :) Love those smiles and littles!!! Love your new blog look too. :)

Glenda said...

Love the pictures and your new blog look!
With that beautiful smile and beautiful personality, you will certainly have a hard time sticking to your second rule!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about having rules that change once you HAVE the kids. I don't think, however, that you broke the rules. I don't see Darcy or Kylie breaking out the blush or mascara anytime soon (save a stint on stage maybe). You listened to your little girls heart & made a parenting decision to protect her heart & her self-esteem. There is no rule breaking in that. That, my dear mama, is simply love.

Grandma Shultz said...

Whatever it takes to keep that bright smile on Darcy's face is a good thing. When she cried because she was afraid that some who had never seen her "polka dots" would laugh at her; I was ready to fly up there and go into school with her like a bulldozer and take out anyone who hurt her!
Gee, you think my mind went a little too far! The mama bear really comes out in me for my children and grandchildren. Praise God it was a good experience for her and I thank God for the concealer that gave her more confidence!!!