using our senses

Two weeks ago Caleb, Darcy and I were encouraged to use all five of our senses on the kindergarten field trip to our farmer's market.

We delighted in the many colors of mums and fruits and vegetables we saw with our eyes.

 We held all sorts of pumpkins and gourds to decide if they were smooth or rough as well as heavy or light as we honed in on our sense of touch.

We listened to all sorts of sounds, most sweetly the voices of Ms. C and Ms. J who just gushed and gushed about how much they LOVE Caleb.

At many of the stalls we sampled apples, persimmions, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and peas as we tasted our way through the market.

And we took time to smell the flowers...

How blessed we are to have been given five senses to experience the world around us!


Traci said...

cute. Is Caleb's teacher Salma Hayek? lol

Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun field trip. How could anyone help but love Caleb and Darcy?!

Nancy said...

Fun day!