the "twins"

While technically we have two sets of virtual twins in the family, one pairing is...let's see, how would you say...more twinny than the other.

Chalk it up to slightly closer ages, the fact that he's older than her, or that they spent last year side by side when their big sister headed off to school.  Whatever the reason, around our house you could seldom ever find one of our "middles" without the other.  They simply seemed to move as a unit.

As the last days of summer rapidly ticked by, I started to second guess our decision not to buck the county's policy of no siblings in the same class.  I mean, these two peas in a pod somewhat seemed to complete each other.  He challenged her to come out of her more shy shell and she was a calming force for him.  What if them being separated by day would ruin their relationship?

What I was overlooking though was how Ian and I had covered that decision in much prayer.  We never got a peace about requesting that they be placed together.  And it seems that it was the best decision we could have made.  Both of them were placed in the classroom I would have hand picked for them based on what I know of the teachers.  Each is excelling in their own individual talents and making new friends.

But at the end of the day?  They exchange drawings and notes that they write each other during free center time at school.

And still, more often than not, they pair off together.

They don't do it to be exclusive or to hurt the feelings of their other siblings.  It just happens.

Which works pretty well, because "our edges" gravitate toward one another too.

We look forward to seeing where little Miss Natalie makes her mark in the mix!

more on Natalie's story coming soon.  It's a long story to write ~ about a year and a half in the making...


Julie said...

How sweet are your middles! Never having a sibling, I just LOVE when I see two siblings who just have to be together, pure sweetness.

Traci said...

How fun! I Darcy is now going to officially be the MIDDLE child isn't she. Caleb is just the perfect balance for her and her for him. Love those two... and the others too!
Aunt Cici

Heather said...

How precious is that! I love that they are so close!

anything but LoKEY said...

My two youngest are like that. Same dynamic relationship and often polar opposites. Glad they are doing well in their time apart at school. So sweet!

Nancy said...

So cute the twins write each other notes!