let's go fly a kite

We had so much fun with our sweet friends that we consider family during our Outer Banks weekend, that we weren't quite ready to head home Sunday morning.

Initially we started out with the plan to head straight home to get unpacked, restock the produce bins in the fridge, and make sure we were well rested for the start of a new week.  So boring, so responsible.

But when have Ian and I been the role models of practicality?

Instead we decided to take advantage a warm, breezy day and the fact that we had borrowed a great kite from friends.  One last stop by Jockey's Ridge it was.

We approached the peak from a different direction this time.  The vast expanse of sand is crazy!

The wind was so stiff that the kite had a mind of its own.

Up and down it would soar and dive.

Thankfully the kids learned how to help each other out when it got too close to the ground.

We could hardly decide if we wanted our jackets on or off.

And if this kid had been as little as two pounds less,  I think he and the kite would have been halfway over the Albemarle Sound before we knew what was happening.  He really had to fight the wind!

We spent one last carefree hour watching the kite dip and turn over the sand.

And from there, one last charge down the giant hill.

The perfect ending to a perfect long weekend...


Traci said...


Laine said...

I think that's one of the big things I love about're not always a role model for practicality!!!! :) Speaking of practicality....when ya comin'?

We love your family and spontaneous fun that you have!!!!

Julie said...

First, I am singing the sing from Mary Poppins. And second, what an amazing place. Will have to put that on my must-see list!

Nancy said...

Beautiful family fun day making memories!