birthday surprises

My big boy,

Sometimes I look at you and can hardly believe that nearly four years have flown by.  You've gone from a lovable, chubby-cheeked, tornado of energy toddler to a lean, still crazy energetic, even more lovable boy in a blink.

I suspect that you must have sensed that Mama was getting melancholy over your next birthday when on your last day of being five, I heard the pitter patter of your feet heading to my room and when I opened my eyes, there you stood beside my bed, waiting for an invitation for a lazy morning snuggle.   Those moments are too few and far between now, but I will treasure them in my heart when they do come as I know they will become even more rare as you continue to become more and more self reliant.

For your big day you chose your favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel ~ even over the Chinese buffet ~ so that you could get in a game of checkers and enjoy some chicken and dumplings.  You knew that we'd be meeting Daddy there.  You didn't know that we'd also be meeting your "best girl" ~ the one with the purse.

surprise when he saw her
For the record, you were so excited and shocked to see your best friend that you got up and ran across the front porch ~ away from her.  Daddy had to give you a quick reminder that girls don't always understand running away and then things were fine.

You two are so cute together and while you both have other friends at your respective schools, you seem to have an agreement that you are each the other's "best girl" or "best boy."

Our dinner was a noisy but fun one, and between the blur of motion, singing happy birthday and six Asian kids with four non-Asian parents, we did attract quite a few second glances.  But you were in your element and other patrons at Cracker Barrel noticed your huge smile and had to congratulate you on your birthday.

Then we came home for our cupcakes and a second round of the birthday song.  They were exactly what you requested, white cake with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate frosting.

Right now you are just starting to leave behind playing with Lightning McQueen (I'd be devastated about that if it weren't for the fact that your little brother is in hog heaven with the entire collection to himself) and you've got your sights set on being part of the Avengers super heroes.  (don't know where this obsession came from as you haven't seen the movie and we only watch TV on Netflix, so you don't see any commercials ~ even so, it could be worse, so Avengers it is...).  It appeared you are are going to apprentice under Thor and help keep his hammer in tip top shape.  Can't have it covered in chocolate frosting when the enemy comes...

Even though you are now a big six, thankfully you still have time for a quick hug and kiss for me from time to time.  Just last week one day you ran across the street as the crossing guard held traffic hollering "Mommy!" and flew into my arms to give me a ginormous hug and kiss.

The sweetest thing about you is that your love for family goes well beyond me.  You love, and I do mean fiercely love, your parents and your siblings.  Daddy said that while you didn't come running ~ you are the line leader this week after all, gotta follow responsibility ~ that your grin was the highlight of his day when he surprised you at school to join you for lunch.  You are quick to offer a hug or treasured item when one of your siblings needs reassurance.  And at the tender age of six, you clearly put it last night that God is like our Daddy and Jesus is like our big brother.  Your heart for our Heavenly Father is already astounding and I look forward to seeing where He calls you in life because I have no doubt you will listen.

Oh happy birthday my joyful son!  You are such a cherished part of our family!

(now let's slow down on the growing thing, just a bit ~ 'kay?)


Cindy M said...

Well, I'd rather have been there in person, but it made my day to see the boys in their shirts! Still so adorable on them!

Happy Birthday, Caleb! Your family sure is blessed by you! And so are all who know you!

p.s. Tell your mom if she figures out how to slow down the growing thing to let me know. :)

Laine said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!
I bet you don't remember, but you were the one who first introduced Kevin to McQueen in China!
You are so special to is your WHOLE BIG FAMILY!!!!
We love you,
The Ferrills

prechrswife said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!

Chris said...

Happy day to Caleb! What a sweet boy to celebrate :)

Our Journey to China said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Caleb!! We love you and your sweet family!!

Traci said...

Happy Happy Birthday Buddy! How can you be 6? Love these pictures his smile lights up a room!

Glenda said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Caleb! You have certainly grown over the past year, and I'm privileged to be able to watch you as you change from a cute little toddler to a handsome young boy. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you as you continue to grow.Love you!!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday, Caleb!!! Wow, the one with the purse is super cute. Love the tie shirts!