a simple pumpkin patch

traveling back in time to Saturday, October 13...

Around here there are some pumpkin patches ~ complete with bounce houses, corn mazes, pumpkin cannons, train rides, corn bins, and giant slides ~ that rival the state fair.  Those are fun and all, but on the weekend immediately following our annual pilgrimage to ride rides and eat all things deep fried, and just two weeks before our annual "pumpkin patch Gotcha Day celebration" for Caleb with his China brother, we opted for a simple "pick your own pumpkin out of the field" patch instead.

Actually, it was the amazing weather that day that sparked an impromptu meeting of several families.  A pumpkin patch just happened to be our excuse to be outside.

And if you are looking closely and wondering...yes...we are *that* family.

Initially all of us (except for the wee one, he has taken one heck of a liking to his pumpkin shirt) were wearing other attire.  But one by one the kids said, "Hey, we're going to a pumpkin patch, I'm going to wear my pumpkin shirt." and in the end I gave in to the pressure.  It won't be very long that they want us all to be alike, will it?

(and I know, poor Ian with no pumpkin shirt ~ maybe I'll torture treat him with one for next fall)

My crew may be several years older than the twins, M & V, but they sure love playing with them.

this photo carefully selected to help illustrate what my big boy is like ~ a blur of motion...

And of course there was the hard work of finding the best pumpkin in the patch.  This one obviously wasn't it...

DQ found hers pretty quickly.

And someone tell me when exactly she started looking so grown up?

Caleb found one that was just at the threshold of being too heavy.

Ky wasn't going to let hers get away.

And Daniel?  He switched pumpkins so many times that I stopped taking pictures of him with his prize winning pumpkin.  He was perfectly content to sit on a giant one on the display.

My pumpkins with their pumpkins.

As we headed back to pay for our pumpkins, my crew and farmer V couldn't resist the lure of the tractor.

And Caleb got to show that he's getting the hang of this baby thing.  Isn't little W just the cutest?

Glorious NC fall weather, pumpkins and good friends make for a perfect fall afternoon!  I think I feel another tradition starting...

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