sand is sand

At the coast in NC, you often can comfortably swim in the Atlantic well into October.

This year?


 Let's just say that with the cooler nights we've been experiencing lately have lowered the water temperature considerably ~ too much for my liking.   Even the most jubilant at seeing the waves,

quickly sought safety from the "coldie" water in Daddy's arms.


They sought the warmth provided by an oversized beach towel.

For just a few minutes we worried that our time at the coast with sweet friends was going to be off the beach for the rest of the weekend.

But then the kids all seemed to remember something.

 No matter how cold the water may be...

...sand is sand.  And what better place to play in it than on the beach?

As I unloaded the dryer last night I had to wonder how so much sand found its way back into my laundry room one more time this year.

After all, we left a whole lot of it in the bottom of the pool...


Mike and Leticia said...

looks like SO much fuN! I can't believe how grown up Darcy and Caleb look. If you find a way to slow time down, you let me know! : )

Our Journey to China said...

Love your pictures, friend! Yes, I agree, "How did so much find its way home with us?!" It was a wonderful time! :)