the rising tide


It's been a bit quiet here for about a week.

That would have something to do with our annual family pilgrimage to Sunset Beach.

We're back and the sand has just about been contained.  Laundry has been washed, folded, and put away; the fridge has been restocked with enough dairy and produce to feed a small army;  suitcases have been put away.   At this point I'm left with wonderful memories to accent the hundreds of pictures and the challenge how best to document Sunset 2012 for my kids to look back on in years to come.

But before I find time to complete that task, I have something more pressing breathing down my neck.  Next week is gonna be a doozy for me:

Monday ~  My big girl goes for her first day of 1st grade.
Wednesday ~  My twins leave me for their first day of (all day) kindergarten.
Friday ~  My baby turns 4.

Gulp.  (Vast amounts of dark chocolate will likely be consumed as a coping strategy)

To help me deal with the coming changes, this week I'm embracing a lesson that I relearned at the beach while building a castle with my baby as the tide rolled in.

No time interacting with a child is wasted ~ especially when it is your own child.  Even though conventional wisdom says that building a castle in the path of the rising tide is an exercise in futility, to the child you build with the moment is eternal.

How do I know?

I know because of the number of times he excitedly looked at me with his sandy, goggle eyed face and said, "Thank you mommy for build castle!"  I know because I got no less than 10 sandy hugs and 20 salty kisses in those ten minutes.  I know because of the look of sheer joy that crossed his face each time we put another handful of wet sand to replace some lapped away by the waves.  And I know because today, over a week later, he still is thanking Jesus for building a castle with Mommy in the water.

This week there will be dishes in the sink, but I'll take the time to play one more round of Candy Land. There will be laundry to fold, but I'll ignore it to read one more Amelia Bedelia book.  There will be dinner to cook, but we'll have pizza or hot dogs instead and I'll race Lightning McQueen against Finn McMissile across the kitchen floor.  There will be floors to vacuum, but I'll use my energy to channel my artistic side and help create another masterpiece on the Light Bright.

The rising tide of life won't cause me to miss moments.

(That is until I forget again and need to be reminded...)


Laine said...

Thank you for that reminder...I needed it!!!!

I bet yall had many of those moments at the beach...praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder! I so needed kids are 11 and 15 and I forget that even though they don't technically "need" me for many things, they need ME and my time and attention for so many things!

Di said...

I love the sentiment of your post and the fun that you had building never-lasting sandcastles!! Definitely a memory keeper!

Our Journey to China said...

What a beautiful post. What beautiful memories. Thank you, friend, for the gentle reminder that 'things can wait', but time quickly moves on. Our house is too quiet these days. Can't wait until next month! :)

Glenda said...

A great reminder. Time is one of the few things in this world that is priceless. Giving it to our children is investing in our future.

Traci said...

countless castles. countless dreams created! It was an awesome week!

Mike and Leticia said...

beautiful, Kristi!! :) Glad you all had a great time!

anything but LoKEY said...

What a sweet post Kristi! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Well said. That is something this "new" mommy needs to be reminded of already. Keep the pictures coming!
~Kate H.

Amy Murphy said...

That is just precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, tears here too. Thank you for sharing, and for the reminder!!!