her smile

Notice anything new about her smile?

Here, take a closer look with a clue...

Why, oh why do they insist on continuing to grow up so fast?

**At the swim meet on Tuesday night ~ how Ian and I spent our anniversary ~ she came over and informed us that eating her apple that I packed for dinner had caused her semi loose tooth to become very loose.  Then she proceeded to wiggle it like crazy.  Ten minutes later she reappeared with a bloody mouth and said, "It fell out my mouth feels weird is the tooth fairy coming?"  (Yes, all in a big, mega run on sentence that came out in one breath).
Ian helped her swish her mouth out in time to go swim backstroke.  Later when we questioned her about it we realized that the tooth didn't just come out easily.  Ian said, "Show me how hard you pulled to make your tooth come out," and he was shocked at how hard she pulled his arm.
For those with inquiring minds, the tooth fairy did find time to stop by and left a glitter trail from the window to her bed.  The ziplock bag that contained her tooth had glitter mixed in with two silver dollars and eight quarters.
Yes, I said ziplock bag.  We didn't have a special pillow or box for her very first tooth ~ we thought we had more time...**


Kathy said...

OH - my big girl Kylie - your first tooth!! What a beautiful smile. Congratulations.
Love, Grandma M

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

So neat the tooth ferry left sparkles, I will have to remember to tell ours to do the same thing:)
Congrats Kylie, still such an adorable smile:)

Anonymous said...

We put our loose teeth in ziplock bags too ;-)

Our Journey to China said...

I love your tooth fairy!! I will have to see if ours can be as wonderfully creative! I have not seen the tooth fairy in a very, very long time! :) Awesome! Ok, now stop growing up so fast sweet, Kylie! :)

Ann Marie said...

So sweet! All those milestones are bittersweet for mommas.

Traci said...

Her face was so cute when she and Maylin came and said "you have GOT to see this". The glitter was a good idea. Maylin said she could see glitter in the tree outside the window. She was sure the "fairy tooth mother" took a break in the tree before moving on. ;)

Heather said...

beautiful smile! Jake will be so jealous. Hes been really wanting to lose one. Im afraid he"s got a while to wait! Cool tooth fairy. Ours never leaves any glitter!