He may not have created the largest display of water droplets in the "biggest splash" contest on the 4th.

But what he lacked in water displacement, he certainly made up for with gusto.

That should come as no surprise.  If you know this boy of mine, you know that he has quite...shall we say...the zest for life.

 If it involves physical activity and he's gonna do it, he's gonna give it 110%!

That's just how he rolls.

Or shall we say "how he cannonballs?"

Considering he's only working with 42 pounds of force, I think he did alright.


Heather said...

Brave kiddo!

Laurie said...


Grandma Shultz said...

Way to go, Caleb. Great cannon ball.

Chris said...

go Caleb go!

what fun!

Glenda said...

So glad you all were there to enjoy the pool on the 4th with us this year!

Traci said...

Good job Caleb! Aunt Cici is impressed with your splash! Can't wait to see you Tuesday night!

Anonymous said...

Look out Olympics, here he comes.
I love how he has everyone's attention. :)