farm days

I grew up in "the boonies."  My sister and I were experts in entertaining ourselves in the creek that flowed along the borders of our property and we made more than one fort complete with a moss carpet in the woods behind the house.  Over the years we had horses, goats, sheep, rabbits and bees on what has been dubbed "the farm" where my mom still lives today.

My kids?  Well, I'm sad to say that compared to my childhood, they are rather "citified."  We are in an amazing neighborhood where folks know one another, watch out for one another, and friends are just a one minute walk around the corner.  (literally ~ and friends that were born in China at that)  There are advantages to living where we do, but there are times that I sure miss being a country girl.

Thankfully one of the area universities holds annual Farm Days to help keep city kids in touch with their inner country kid selves.  (Think the agricultural part of your local county fair on steroids.)  It's always crowded and hard to keep up with a group, but my crew has enjoyed themselves each year and so we met up with friends for a play date on the farm over Kylie's spring break.

my sweeties with a friend checking out the wild turkeys ~ caleb did ask if they were hokies...
There were baby chicks to catch and hold.

There were tractors of all sorts to climb on.  (Though the lines were so long that I managed to convince my crew to just stand in the scoop of the front end loader and then told them they could sit on the tractor at Grandma's all they wanted the next weekend)

an extra large scoop of cute (my crew with three of their play mates and one random child)
We got to pet a baby goat...

...and a lamb.  Comparing how their coats felt brought a hands on lesson in adjectives.

We heard various requests to go back and revisit one type of animal or another.  Despite all the excitement over the animals though ~ which also included horses and colts, cows and calves ~ all of the kids seemed to be in agreement over one thing.

The free ice cream being passed out, compliments of the local creamery, was hands down the best part of the day.

Little city slickers...


Heather said...

Awww.. we used to do the same thing back home. I just know your "city slickers" had a great time!

Grandma Shultz said...

How well I remember the adventures that you girls had while growing-up on the "farm". Especially some of the horse riding with girl friends. Most were just fun, some were quite dramatic - run away horse, friends falling off, broken wrist Our ramming sheep "Calipso" - how you would all go out into the field to get his attention and then run screaming when he'd run at you with his head down. Oh, my!

Nancy said...

What a great day! Love Hokie comment!