egg hunt {round one}

Our family is blessed to be "sharing life" with five other couples and one single mom who have a heart for adoption.  We meet with every other Sunday to we share concerns, offer encouragement, and spend time in prayer with and for one another.  These are the folks that filled our refrigerator with fresh produce and dairy products upon our return from China and brought us a number of our meals in the first weeks home.  For we adults, our small group is about a support system.

And with eight families represented, we have a lot of young kids.  Thirteen under the age of seven to be exact ~ with four more currently on the way.  One day they may lean upon one another for support as a group of adopted kids growing up together.  For now they simply enjoy being kids.

In addition to our bi-monthly meeting times, we moms often get together for play dates on warm days.  Spring break was no exception.  The older kids were out of school and so we decided to gather for a "small group" egg hunt at our neighborhood park.

can we call ourselves a small group when we already have 15 kids with four more on the way?
The fun thing about this hunt was that it was Daniel's first ~ with us anyway.

checking out the loot
He cleaned up pretty well in the four and under group.   Especially considering that he stopped to examine each and every egg he put into his basket.

Next up was the five and over crowd.

Ky employed the tuck and run method.

Darcy daintily skipped hither and yon.

And Caleb zoomed from one egg he spied to another.

With four expert egg locaters, we came home with more than our share.  Thankfully most of the eggs contained stickers or erasers instead of sweets.

And yes, my children hunted for Easter eggs with their Halloween treat baskets.  That's what was on hand.
Not to worry though, those that contained candy were cleaned out rather quickly.

Must.  Find.  A way.  To.   Resist that smile!


Grandma Shultz said...

Don't even try to resist any of their smiles - you can't. They are irresistible!

Cindy M said...

I, for one, have no idea HOW you resist that face. And can we be in your "small" group??? Caroline is SO starved for companionship her age! She has lots of high school friends, but she misses her China sisters so much!! She begs me to come visit!

p.s. I think the Halloween baskets are a nice touch. I would SO do that myself. :)

Love ya! Miss ya!

anything but LoKEY said...

We love our small group too. What would we do without the support of these mini-families?! Looks like fun was had for sure. :)

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! Your group sounds like a great support for everyone too! My cousin & sister coordinate our egg hunts. They do a certain color of eggs for the big kids and another color for the little guys.

Our Journey to China said...

Love it all! Wish we lived closer!! And the baskets, too cute! :)