easter weekend {our Sunday best}

After showers and time in the bathtub all around for our family, on Easter morning you'd never know that we had played so hard at the park the day before.

Our Easter finest...

funny, this year i'm actually the only one wearing something new (the first Easter dress i've bought in years)
between consignment finds and hand-me-downs we did alright.
Also, you know it's true love when you're gonna share a milkshake after giving up sweets for Lent and instead of Reese Cup (his favorite) he orders Heath Bar (my favorite). It's the little things...

(Or that two of my crew had fallen in the nasty lake the previous day...)

my cutie pies
And my sister's family.

(Who didn't have to clean up quite as much because no one with their last name fell in the lake)

Then of course there is one of the happiest grandmas who ever did live.

my mom with her six ~ my mother-in-law's church service ran a little late and by the time she arrived, church clothes were gone and "minnow releasing attire" had been donned

Cause you know, with a bunch of yahoos like this around, who can help but be happy?

The pretty girls.

For the record, we could have posed a similar shot with the boys.  We just didn't think the natural weapons sticks they brandished held made quite as attractive of a picture.  


Heather said...

What a great looking family all around. Plenty of cousins to play with too. I'm sure their Grandma is proud!!!

Amy Murphy said...

Love the belly pic! And you should have done a shot w/ the boys and their sticks. Haha!

Nancy said...

Great photos! Your mom looks so proud!

Traci said...

Good pics! Fun times!

Glenda said...

Lovely, lovely family picture!

Amanda said...

Looks like you all had a great holiday!

Grandma Shultz said...

How blessed can one grandmother be?
I am SHOUTING it out to the world.
Thank you God!!!