easter weekend {the art of eggs}

As Easter approached my kids started counting down the days until we went to Grandma's house.  

Grandma's house after all is full of cousins, good food, and fun traditions.  

We arrived late Friday night ~ lost an hour due to forgotten Easter basket fillers ~ and it was crazy late before the six cousins got over their excitement of being reunited.  Even so, Saturday morning they started rolling out of bed to play around six-thirty and it was my turn to take one for the team of grown-ups.  So I hung out with Captain America (who cleverly disguises in LMQ pajamas for a low profile)

Sir Topham Hatt (who kindly set up the railway) and a princess while we waited for the others to wake up.  

We waited and waited.  Apparently kindergarten really takes it out of you, because both Ky and Maylin were the last two out of bed.  But as soon as we saw the whites of Maylin's eyes she started asking when we were going to paint the eggs.  And once she started asking, there was a chorus of six voices...

Post breakfast was about as far as we could delay the festivities.  

Only DQ bothered to get dressed.

The others were still pajama clad.

Well, with the exception of Superman of course.


You don't dye Easter eggs with Superman?

Your loss.

They dipped.

They colored.

They displayed.

They ate?

Always a little silliness when that crew gets together!

And then after lunch and a little nap, they painted.  Each creating a masterpiece.

Some artists were quite serious about their work and couldn't bother to glance up at the camera.

Others were more relaxed, just happy to have a paintbrush in hand.

And yes, some of the crew was still in their pajamas.

Don't judge.  It's just the way we roll on lazy weekend days together...


Nancy said...

Yay for PJ days (especially ones with family & egg dyeing)!

Laine said...

WHAT FUN and what sweet memories!!!!!

Traci said...

I love pajama-painting-cousin loving kind of days! Come back! :)

Grandma Shultz said...

Can you believe that Sunday morning all 11 of us got up and out to our 8:30 service of worship.
Loud Hallelujah's were sung in my heart!