Rhythm of friendship

It started with a few timid waves and re-introductions to one another.

 At first our three NC girls were sorta shy and reserved.

But within minutes, Sarah's charisma had pulled them in and the girls fell back into a rhythm as if it had been just four days since they had last seen Sarah, and not actually four years.

Pretty quickly they got lost in imaginative play involving rescuing animals from poachers and princesses.

And of course we moms and dads caught up on the happenings of life since July 2008 when we were all together at our reunion.  Much of that catching up of course was we NC moms giving Sarah's family the hard sell on why they should move back here.

We're hoping that where our words left off that images of the girls together will pick up.

Thanks for coming out of your way on spring break to see us!  We loved every minute of it!


Traci said...

So great to have wonderful "sisters"!

Our Journey to China said...

Love all these smiles!