Getting involved

My children totally changed my world.  

Not just the in the way that my washer and dryer now run what seems 24/7; I can't keep enough bananas, milk and bread in the house; or that I am the world's richest woman in the currency of sticky kisses and super tight bear hugs.  

But also in the way that pieces of my heart were left in their homeland.  I've seen the places they've come from.  I've met some that are anxiously waiting for their families. 

noah (currently living at NDFH) is one of the most precious kiddos EVER
eliana (currently cared for by a foster family through NDFH) is ready to have someone of her very own to call mama
lucy (another bundle of joy at NDFH) has one of the most infectious giggles i've ever heard
These children, and the ones that live at New Day that I didn't get to meet, stay in the forefront of my mind.  Oh how I wish they were within a day's driving distance so that we could be part of the team pouring love into them daily.  

But they aren't.  They are an ocean away.  One day we'll get back to volunteer in the home.  Until then we continue to seek other ways to remain an active part of the New Day family.  

So when Hannah emailed me about being part of the miracle for Lydia

 and Tabitha, 

I simply had to get involved.  

These two precious baby girls are in critical need of heart surgery.  (Hannah writes about Lydia here).  

You will probably never meet either of these darling babies.   But I can assure you that one day their forever mamas will hold them in their arms and be grateful to you ~ though they will never know your name ~ for your piece in making their hearts whole.  

Trust me, I know.  I am humbly grateful each time this little man gives me a squeeze...

Hannah and her friend Lindsay have a big, God-sized, dream to raise the $14,000 needed for Tabitha and Lydia to receive their surgeries in memory of two precious little ones that made a forever impact on their lives.  

You can check out their blog, When a life touches yours..., or make a donation directly using the Chip In widget in the right sidebar of my blog.  

I know our family will be looking for a few ways to cut some costs and make a donation.  $14,000 seems like a huge amount, but we have until May 17.   And more importantly than that, we have a BIG God on our side.  One that reminds us to

[Learn to do right; seek justice.  Defend the oppressed.  Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.]  ~ Isaiah 1: 17 (NIV)

Will you join us in re-writing the story of Lydia and Tabatha's lives?


Valerie and Jeff said...

I just saw the link to this fundraiser for Tabitha and Lydia. Oh! I just LOVE it!!! I already had a special spot for Lydia ... and to know that so many are coming together for these girls, especially in honor of 2 other ones ... well, it's just super special.
I also just loved what you wrote about all the children at ND. What a blessing that you had the opportunity to meet them ... and that you are advocating for them now that you are back home. I cannot believe that Eliana still waits! She will be 4 in a few short, short months. That is too long without a family and she seems to be so happy.
Hoping to see the fundraising climb and climb!!
Hugs, -Valerie

Cindy M said...

Yeah, Lydia is one I've been keeping tabs on at New Day, too! She's so darling! I am so happy that this effort is being made on behalf of these two sweet babies!

p.s. Oh, that Daniel...SO stinking cute!