A week of firefly moments

I've been kinda quiet this week.  No big events have gone on, we've just sorta lived life.

And yet, when I stopped to think about it, isn't that what the purpose of this blog has been all about?  To record the spectacular (our fireworks) and the everyday (our fireflies) moments?  Because when it's all said and done, life is much more about finding joy in the routine than it is about seeking the exceptional.

So on this cold and rainy day, while my boys are napping, my girls are choreographing dance moves to How I Love My God (a song they're learning in their Sunday School classes), my hubby is half watching golf, half searching for kitchen design consultants, and home made brownies filling the house with a warm and happy smell, I'm reflecting on just how marvelous this week of firefly moments really was.

Last Saturday we had a pajama kind of morning and then headed off to have dinner with friends we hadn't seen in over a year.  Because we pretty much pass the NC Zoo on our way there (and we are members) we decided to stop in and make use of our passes for a few minutes.  It was a bitter cold day with wind gusts that moved trash cans down the sidewalk, but our favorite animals have an underground viewing area.

And so on this trip to the zoo, we spent all our time watching the Harbor Seals gracefully swim through the water with no pressure to move along to view any other creatures.

When we were thoroughly chilled, it was back in the Swagger Wagon for the ride to Neil and Bekah's.  While it had been far too long since we'd carved time in our respective calendars to visit with one another, conversation flowed as if it had been just last week and our kids wasted no time making friends over Katie bug's birthday cake.
crazy that lil' katie was turning 10 the next day ~ seems like just yesterday she was the wee one on my lap at the fireworks...
After filling our bellies with delicious fajitas and our souls with good conversation, we headed back home to sleep in our warm beds.

Sunday brought the first chance in weeks to grab lunch with Jason and Leslie and their twins.  It still amazes me that when we met three years ago we had two kids between us.  Now there are six with one more on the way (just to clarify, them, not us)  How fun it has been to watch our number increase and our kids begin to interact.

Monday I had the blessing of being able to "sit the bench" in my household duties for a few days when my mother-in-love came to visit for a few days.  Dishes were cleaned, laundry was folded, and my kids had someone else to love on them giving me a chance to regroup a bit.
grandma and caleb playing a card game that i have yet to understand the rules of...
Ian and I even got to go out on a date on Valentine's Day.  While we were dining, he gave me my gift.  One that shows how well he knows my heart.  He had made a donation in my honor to a cause that is so very, very meaningful to me.

And then there were visits with friends though the week:

Tuesday's playgroup in which DQ was the only girl.  We met up with several other moms of Chinese born children at a park and then went to our local Asian market for a lunch of bbq pork buns.

Wednesday when friends came over to play for a few hours and I watched the ever budding friendship between Elijah and Daniel continue to bloom.  Three months apart in age, these two are so fun to watch.
this photo recorded to remind me one day how this one loved to be as close to naked as he can be.  and if you follow me on facebook, here is the clue on who was running laps sans clothing after grandma went home...
Thursday at the kids museum where Miles smiled at me and waved as I walked over to the area he was playing.  Watching DQ love on baby Zachary.  And seeing Vivi bravely explore the dance floor area.

Friday watching Sena and Raji play in my playroom and again being so thankful that they are finally home.  Chatting with their mommy and realizing while some would throw in the towel after their first adoption roller coaster, she and her husband are ever more committed in following the call before them.

Yesterday taking my boys to the park donned in their super-hero capes and masks and smiling as they "flew" across the playground, saving damsels in distress and watching out for each other.  And then finishing the day in fellowship with a precious family, half of whom is headed to a place very near and dear to my heart early next month.

Nothing that happened over the past week was a rare event.  But each little piece was something to be treasured.  May we all find contentment in our firefly moments as they come!


Andrea said...

Sounds like a perfect week to me! We stopped in at our zoo too. I'm always amazed at how awed these little ones are of a real live animal (even the geckos and mongoose in our yard).

Traci said...

love those kind of weeks.

Glenda said...

You could have added, "Gave a extremely sore, tired and depressed Mom a much needed break!" That you did my friend! Love the picture of our two boys! Great buddies in the making for sure.

Our Journey to China said...

What an awesome week!!!

Amy Murphy said...

I don't know about you, but I thrive on those kind of weeks. I think we all need those kinds of weeks. (Although, from the sounds of it, I'd consider the week you just had to be way more of a fireworks kind of week than fireflies. haha!) :)

Nancy said...

What a fantastic week!