Sunday Snapshot {what He meant}

While reading a blog that I frequent one day this week, I was struck with an image that made the following verse come to life.

And he [Jesus] said:“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  ~ Matthew 18:3

Despite a culture that screams, "me, Me, ME!" and a world that says, "be more, have more, do more," a six year old gives her own crocs to a child who had only one pair of tattered flip flops to her name.

I know those shoes.  They were ones bought for her just last summer to match those of her cousins.  They may look old and worn, but it was just the dirt and dust of a few days in Honduras on them ~ those shoes still had a lot of life left in them.

I know those shoes because on the day after Christmas they still belonged to my beautiful niece.  Just a few days later she transferred ownership to a little girl she met in Honduras.  Not because anyone told her to.  Just because she saw the need and acted upon it.  The moment was recorded only because my sister stumbled upon it during their time in Honduras working in some orphanages.
I suspect this is what He meant by becoming like little children.

May we all strive to become more childlike every day...


Sunday Snapshot

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Rachel said...

That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Traci said...

UGGG you made me cry on my birthday! And I know this story! You write so well. Thanks
Love ya

Lindsay said...

This brought a tear to my eye...your family is so blessed.

Laine said...


Jordan Carl said...

Love it. That girl really does have a heart of gold! I too already read this story, but it still grabbed me in some way!

Cindy M said...

I sure hope I get to meet that sweet niece of yours on one of our trips through NC. She has such a sweet heart. Thanks for sharing this. Love ya!

Melissa said...

Wow, such a precious child and moment we all can learn from.

Heather said...

Love it. So true!

Sammy said...

How cool!

Glenda said...

So sweet, it never ceases to amaze me how much God can teach us if we take the time to watch our kids!