Sunday Snapshot {Small town parade}

A small town parade.

That's where we found ourselves two days after Thanksgiving.  The kind of small town parade that features every firetruck in the county along with most of the riding lawn mowers.

It wouldn't seem that a procession of mostly rescue vehicles, local town officials, the grinch in a dentist chair, and wooden trailers being pulled by tractors would be blog worthy.

Until you consider that for one member of our family, it was "the very first parade."

at this point wondering what all the fuss was about
Those very same firetrucks that I found loud and somewhat annoying with their blaring sirens totally captivated my littlest one who loves his firetruck 'bank' (blanket).

He was spellbound by it all.

we watched with grandma m, grandma s and a bunch of friends from our hometown.  (i taught the sweet girl wearing pink in two and three year old preschool, and her little sister was in ky's class before we moved)
And then, after the rescue vehicles, it got even better.  People in cars and on floats started throwing candy at the crowd.  Wee one could hardly contain his excitement!

If I were to guess, he was thinking, "forget walking from house to house trick-or-treating, here they throw candy at you!  It's there for the taking!"  I can still hear his little voice hollering, "Nook Mommy, nook!" with each piece of candy he retrieved.

yes, he racked up on the candy.  between the two boys they raked in as much as they got on halloween.
And then the ultimate surprise.  Suddenly the candy being pelted at him was being tossed by his daddy, sisters and cousins!  If he had been excited before now he was beside himself.  

love that we are still loved enough by our old church to be included in the float...
Following the parade we milled around the town square to get some free cookies and participate in a craft or two provided by our church home.

making reindeer dust with ms. katie and aunt ci ci

saving it for the big night!

learning the legend of the candy cane
While there we saw dear friends and were reminded that while much time has passed since we were part of one another's everyday lives, the friendship lives on, both between the parents and kids.  

my big girl with her cousin and sweet friend
 Oh yes, a small town parade.  Not one that gets covered in the New York Times.  But it is one that is part of our holiday season year after year.

It's part of our tradition...

we didn't even stay for the tree lighting ~ no nap was catching up ~ but it was a good time anyway!
I look forward to little one remembering it with excitement next year!


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Laurie said...

Stinkin' cute pictures, as usual! I LOVE Ky's shirt!! :)

Our Journey to China said...

What an awesome memory! And what a great blessing to have continue to be a part of such a loving church family. :0) I love Ky's and Daniel's shirts too!! :0)

Cindy M said...

Um, I'm going to need you to email that last photo to me asap, please. LOVE IT!!

Miss you guys!!

Nancy said...

That reminds me our small town Halloween parade. How cool of your old church to still include. The littlest M looks like he had a great time!

Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, to see the simple things through the eyes of a child. I love living in the country. Small town parades are great!

Heather said...

Looks like FUN!!!