more sugary dreams

Two weeks ago at playgroup my three littles (Ky was at that pesky place called kindergarten) got a second shot at decorating sugar cookies.  Over the years as we've decorated cookies for each holiday, many of the kids have begun to show restraint in the amount of frosting and sugar they use.

Abbey now seems to recognize that she's sweet enough and doesn't need to bury her cookies.

Lily chose design over quantity.

Even little Elijah showed restraint.

But my gang?  

Not so much.

Guess they were taking my relaxed sugar rules out for a joy ride.

I'm not even sure how DQ managed to find her cookies under the inches of frosting and sprinkles on her plate.

But manage she did, messy hands and all!

And then there was wee one who obviously enjoyed freedom with sprinkle bottles.  At least he used good manners and impressed all the other moms by using a spoon to consume them...

So what about my big boy you ask?  What did his cookies look like?  

Actually, he only partially decorated one and didn't even finish eating it.  Guess he couldn't see the frosting for the stars in his eyes at being reunited with "the one with the purse."

my boy had missed little miss s as she was in China meeting her new little sister!


Our Journey to China said...

YUM! E decorates cookies like DQ! :0) I must say "the girl with the purse" just gets more beautiful!!! Oh my! Looks like a great time! :0)

Traci said...

Love the sugar! And I can see why Caleb has stars. "the one with the purse" is beautiful!

Heather said...

Well, now. those are some fancy shmancy cookies! I especially love DQ's! I think I could use that much sugar every morning!

Heather said...

One more thing, I know I always say it, but those kiddos are so stinkin' cute!!!!!