the "big family" Christmas

Christmas morning was a bit unusual this year.  With Uncle Adam being the worship leader at the contemporary service (which starts at 8:30), we realized that gifts were going to have to wait until after church.

But what to do about Santa's stuff ~ which at our house is unwrapped.  (We have a deal with Santa, he has a lot to accomplish in one night.  Wrapping is not necessary).

No worries.  With his milk and cookies we left a note asking him to hide the gifts and leave a note with a secret message for the parents so we'd know where to find them after church.  Around 7:40 we heard the first set of little feet head for the living room.

And then we heard the loud gasp as they wondered if the whole lot of them had appeared on Santa's naughty list this year.  (the note with milk and cookies may have been left out AFTER the kids finally went to bed and we realized we had overlooked that little detail).

Caleb was most relieved when he saw Santa's response and secret code of gift location.  He smiled and asked if the code was Chinese.

When we finally got home, the dads entertained the kiddos while the moms located the loot and put it in front of the tree.

During this time my crew decided to take outfits into their own hands.  Ky and Daniel went back to their Christmas pajamas, Caleb put on his well worn Christmas shirt, and DQ opted to stay in her fancy Christmas dress.  In my "perfect little Christmas" world they would all have been back in their pjs, but at least they all were wearing Christmas stuff.  I decided to try to overcome my OCD tendencies and just roll with their all over the map clothing.  I may have twitched a few times, but I'm proud to say that overall it worked.

Santa knew that the grandmas were supplying some big ticket items this year, so he brought another Christ centered Christmas book, added to our family game collection, gave a new set of footed pajamas, and added hats and leggings to our wardrobes.

And the stockings were hung by the chimney...oh wait.  The stocking were placed by the chimney in a chair...
too many grandkids, not enough hooks.  my mom says it is a WONDERFUL problem to have!
A glimpse of the gifts...

each of the kids got one from grandma s

The morning wouldn't have been complete without a musical interlude from my microphone lovin' big boy. 
he so admires the worship leader at our old church ~ none other than his "unca Ad-ham" ~ and the worship pastor at our new church ~ his China brother's daddy, "Mr. Tee-ven."

...and the gifts being put to action!

Hope your Christmas was as much fun as six kids six and under enjoying the magic of the season!


Heather said...

That's an abundance of Super Heroes! And they are particularly cute too!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a glorious day to celebrate our Jesus' birthday. Fun and chaos! I love you kids. Grandma is still smiling!

Traci said...

What a merry BIG Christmas Day!

Laurie said...

Love, love, love the picture of the full couch of computers. Too cute!! Glad you guys had a happy, BIG Christmas!! :)

Nancy said...

What awesome pix! Merry Christmas, my friend! (Sorry I'm so behind these days.) Love the cute capes and the monkey PJs!