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Looking for a FREE and EASY way to contribute to bringing healing ~ both physical and emotional ~ to orphaned children in China?

If you are like me and can't bear the thought of dragging your adorable, yet lively, brood through the mall or discount stores for Christmas shopping, an Amazon Christmas sounds pretty good.  And while I may have missed some of the early bird shoppers (my sister included ~ Traci, you're making the rest of us look bad) I just found out about the easiest way yet to help fund New Day Foster Home.

Just use the link on this page to go to Amazon when you Christmas shop (or anytime shop) and PRESTO, New Day gets 5% or more.

Yes, it's really that easy.

Need more convincing on why you should avoid the crowds this year?

Okay, fair enough.

Sometimes the emotional scars children bear are just as menacing as the physical ailments they face.  One of the newcomers at the foster home, Wendy, is a perfect example.  Abandoned on her fourth birthday, she was nearly paralyzed by her recent loss when she first arrived.  And yet, in a place that love grows, there was hope...

I'd retell the story, but without the pictures that go along, much would be missing.  Instead I invite you to go "meet" Wendy and see for yourself how her emotional healing has begun.  It's a quick read, and one that I promise will leave you smiling.

Learning to Trust: A new chapter in Wendy's life

And now that you're back, you simply must get on over to the Amazon link and get shopping!  Sweet children like Wendy are learning that they are indeed loved and lovable and you can help ensure the love continues to grow!


Julie said...

What a sweet story! And since 90% of my shopping these days is done at Amazon, happy to do my part :)

Donna said...

Awesome - I have a pretty significant cartload sitting out at Amazon. I just love it when helping out such wonderful organizations is that easy!!

Heather said...

I use amazon a ton for Christmas shopping. What an easy way to help out and donate 5%

Traci said...

what an awesome story! She is precious.
Sorry I needed that amazon link like 2 months ago! LOL