from his past

A few weeks ago (on Caleb's birthday to be exact) our family got to visit with a special family from Daniel's past.

Like way back when he was still known as "Jamison" past.

As it turns out, Jeremy (the oldest son in that family) spent a lot of time playing with our wee one when he lived at the foster home, before he moved to live with his foster parents and before his name changed to Daniel.

It's hard to say if Daniel really remembered Jeremy or if it was simply his fun loving nature that came out during our rendezvous at a nearby Costco.

All I know is that we were thrilled to have a quick visit with (most of) the S family while they were stateside last month.

Godspeed you guys as you begin your next two years of life at New Day!  We pray we'll get to have another reunion with you before too long!


Traci said...

How awesome is that? You guys have sure been blessed to have so many people to share your children's past with.

Chris said...

how wonderful!

love all those smiles!!!


TanyaLea said...

That is too cool! I love that you met up with the "S" family... they are some very special people, that's for sure ~ and have raised the NICEST kids!

How fun for all of you!!