Last week was a doozy.

Thankfully we had a special weekend at the end of it.

My incentive to "just keep swimming" through an exhausting (both emotionally with a pile up of minor crises and physically as we still search for that ever elusive full night's sleep) week was about 36 hours at my happy place with our bible study small group.

"the beach with our friends?  oh joy!"  (though apparently only the five year olds got the memo to jump on three)
 As is common with many of our most relaxing and recharging times, there was completely no agenda beyond enjoying the company of our friends.  We were 10 adults, two "tweens" (who somehow managed to disappear whenever my camera came out) and 10 kiddos five and under.  (And we were even missing a few families!)

It was noisy, but a joyful noisy in the house and on the beach.  We watched our kids (and our husbands in a rousing round of touch football) play together, caught some college football, ate well, and enjoyed the beauty of God's creation at the coast.

Through the chatting, at a time that I really needed it, I was sweetly reminded that Ian and I are not in this "thing called Christian parenting" alone.  Through this group, other friends, and family, we are surrounded with many like minded parents who are seeking to raise up a new generation of His disciples.

It's not an easy job.  Many conversations we have with friends center around what it looks like on a day in, day out, basis to raise Godly children.  As a group we certainly do not have all the answers.  But there is strength in numbers.   And numbers?

Well, we seem to have those on our side...


prechrswife said...

Those kinds of weeks are so very hard...glad you were able to recharge at the end of it, and hope this one is much better!

Traci said...

Love you! Looks like fun! Our bible study is almost the exact opposite (in terms of kids) P&M are the only kids in our group! When we go to the beach kids are definitely out numbered by adults! :) Glad you have such a great group of friends!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a wonderful support group of strong Christian friends. All those beautiful children make me smile. Knowing they are all learning to love and serve God is wonderful.

Nancy said...

I am glad you got to get away. Sounds like you have a great support system. I've been praying for you, friend.

Our Journey to China said...

Ahhhh, the beach....a happy place. So glad you got to enjoy God's beauty in nature and life with your kiddos and friends. :)