Their smiles

Ugh this school thing.

One day I'll be used to it.  Today however is only "official day 2" around here for kindergarten  (Monday was her assessment day).  

I'm not used to it yet.

When I was still living at home and would be sad, Mama always told me to think happy thoughts.  So for the next few days I'll be spending some time in my mind at "my happy place" ~ the beach.

tender hearted, mischievous pierson

self assured, confident maylin

still slightly hesitant yet fiercely loyal kylie

world's best snuggler, fun loving caleb

go getter, dancin' girl darcy

giggle box with a special smile reserved only for mama daniel
Six precious children.

Three handsome boys.

i know, heart meltingly cute, right?  you know you want a tie shirt for your little guy ~ hope on over to 2000 Tutus to order!
Three beautiful girls.

i am quite certain that there were not three lovelier young ladies at the beach that week.
Knit into our family by the handiwork of our Maker.  

Life when we're all together sure isn't quiet anymore.  But it's good.  Oh is it good!


Amy Murphy said...

Love this post!
I hope you are faring okay from school... I had thought that I would be fine next year when Ewen goes, but now I'm starting to doubt that...

Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, my goodness, what great pictures of our precious jewels!
You have to choose to be happy when you look at these darling smiles! God has knit together a remarkable family!

Sharon said...

Your post reminds me of the book I just read 1000 was wonderful and LIFE changing....I'm going to blog about it soon....if you haven't read it your on the right track!! love all those beautiful beach babes!

Andrea said...

Growing up as pretty much an only child with cousins spread around the country makes me realize how crazy jealous I am of this six pack of kids! How awesome that they will have each other for the rest of their lives!!

Laine said...

Oh I love them on the beach! I love them in the mountains too! :)
I'm catching up Kristi! Kylie at school? Oh my what a big girl! I know you're going to enjoy this long weekend at home! And Daniel FOUR? Happy Birthday big boy!
Um... Kristi, when we get together we will have four 4 yr. old boys I think between the two of us. Unless...has Caleb turned 5 already? Anyway's gonna be a party! Whenever it happens, anyway! :)
Love yall and miss you!!!!

Glenda said...

Awww, gave me chill bumps. All so perfectly beautiful!

Our Journey to China said...

The beach is my 'happy place' too. What a happy place it is with your five laughing darlings!

Traci said...

Yes, it is good! I wish we could have this reunion more often. Love Love Love to you all!

Nancy said...

EEK! Sooooo much cuteness!