Sunday Snapshot {the softer side}

Last September I wrote one weekend about receiving love notes from my son.  Back then I got them all the time.  My kitchen windowsill was full of treasures that caught my son's eye.

Slowly but surely though, the offerings of random rocks, acorns, and dandelions had slowed down.   In fact, it had been such a long time since he offered me a bit of nature that I recently began to wonder if I had indeed already received "the last one."

But this week I was handed a bouquet of yellow flowers, picked from a field while he was playing duck, duck goose with friends and his daddy.

My sweet boy saw what others may consider weeds and despite having the time of his life playing silly field games with his hero, his siblings, and his "China brother," he paused long enough to share his love with me.

Of course I didn't have my camera with me, but I'll never forget exactly how he looked at that moment:  summer tan against his Hokie jersey, hair a little sweaty and disheveled, glasses slightly askew, shy smile plastered across his face.

So thankful for a double handful of yellow weeds.  Very appreciative for at least one more "love letter" from my four year old.  And overwhelmed by the precious heart behind the hands that picked them for me...


The other morning he and I were the first ones up and we quietly went downstairs to whip up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes.  After all the measuring, cracking, and stirring, he was quite proud of the fact that he had done it *mostly* by himself.

When his daddy came down, he asked if he could help cook the pancakes on the griddle.  Ian patiently assisted him in holding the spatula to prevent accidental burns.  The discussion of when he'd be old enough to flip them by himself went on to Ian explaining that one day when he was married and had children that he would probably help them make pancakes too.

But instead of satisfaction in hearing he'd eventually be turning pancakes by himself, he started to cry.  Confused, Ian asked him what was wrong.

"But I don't want to ever live somewhere else.  What if I didn't know where Kylie, Darcy and Daniel lived and I couldn't find them?"

Bless his precious heart, he loves his siblings so...

always looking to follow his big sister's lead ~ he's lost without her at home during the kindergarten day

goofing around with his "twin" ~ seriously, as their mother i could almost be convinced that they were separated at birth

he may be slightly jealous of the attention our newest addition demands, but he's crazy about him ~ the matchies were by his request that day; he even went looking for his sandals that were like daniel's so they'd match from head to toe.
I quickly reminded him that I may not live in the same house with Aunt CiCi anymore, but I know where my sister lives and we still get to visit each other.  (didn't add that those visits don't come as often as I'd like...)


We've been discussing his upcoming birthday as "the big 5" will bring his first friend birthday party.  Venue ideas were bounced around as he wasn't so sure what exactly he wanted.  Jump house?  Science museum dinosaur dig?  Gymnastics?  (because his big sister loves it so)  Miniature golf?  (the new sport he wants to try)  A football party?  (his idea to go watch a Hokie football game)

And while the location was questionable ~ and actually still to be decided ~ he flashed one of his famous smiles...

this picture not taken at that moment, but the smile is much the same!
...and rolled off his guest list without hesitation:

"I want for "the one with the purse," (his little girlfriend) Santa Claus and Jesus to come to my party."


My oldest son is all boy.




Check, check.

Energy to spare?

Check, check, check.

But for all the rough and tumble, there is a softer side.

And I LOVE every bit of him!


Sunday Snapshot

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withgratefulhearts said...

Beautiful Post. I love seeing your photos.

Grandma Shultz said...

Your eloquent words perfectly captured Caleb's personality. Rough and tumble but cuddly and sensitive as well. What a thrill to receive the lovely bouquet.

You are such a special boy, Caleb. Grandma loves you so much.

Amy said...

Your kids are so CUTE!

prechrswife said...

Such a precious post!

Melissa said...

I love you, your post, and your 4 precious blessings. Missing you these days!

Chris said...

What a sweet, sweet boy you have....

This post brought tears to my eyes....reminded me of my Scotty when he was Caleb's age.....


Sharon said...

He sounds so much like Hudson...I love getting my "flowers", (usually dandelions) beside my bed and he too tells me he will only go to College if I homeschool him cuz he is "always living with me" sad that one day he will want to leave but we will eat it up for now right?

Nancy said...

OMGosh! Caleb is just too sweet! I love that little boy.