Her eyes ~ the sequel

Yesterday I got an email from one of my aunts just checking in on Darcy.

It would seem that she remembered reading about the increase in pressure in DQ's eye back in August and wanted to know if we'd had the follow up appointment yet because while she had been on vacation for a few weeks, she went back to check the blog for news and didn't see anything.

Big "bloggy mommy fail."
can you hear the disbelief in her voice that I forgot?
It would appear that all the excitement of the wee one turning three, my big girl starting school, the kick off for the formula fundraiser and then two half birthdays had me distracted.   In the midst of the chaos that is life right now, I totally let a follow up report slip.  Oh for just a little more time in the day and a bit better memory...

So how did it go?

Well, lets just say that despite not being seen until 2 1/2 hours after our appointment time, we walked out happy campers.

dq jumping for joy!
The new drops are doing their thing!

Lil' missy here is pretty happy to have surgery back off the discussion table for now.

And of course as her mama,  I am too!


prechrswife said...

Great news!

Cindy M said...

I'm pretty sure she's already a rock star. Love these photos of her! Her sweetness really shines through!

p.s. WOOHOO, Darcy!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Would love to know which drops you are now on. We are on Timolol and are scheduled to have the surgery for the aqueous shunt next month :( Isn't Dr. F the best, though?

Great news for Darcy! I love checking in and seeing her progress!

Traci said...

Wooo WHooO!!! Darcy Q! Aunt Cici is thrilled for you!

Sarah said...

Great news!

anything but LoKEY said...

That's great news! PTL!!

Heather said...

Such great news! What a cute pic of her too!

Nancy said...

WOO HOO! Yay for good news!