Foodies by night

Another thing that's a tradition about our time at the beach?


Good food.

And lots of it!

Lunches may just be pb &j or ham & turkey, but dinner is serious.  Seriously good that is!  After all, we do work up an appetite spending all day playing on the beach.  Meals this year included Bow tie pasta with Italian sausage and tomato cream sauce, Thai pizza, roasted pork loin, Asian burgers and a chicken taco bar.

And that was just our meals "in."  Despite our gourmet cooking abilities, we did eat out a few times.  Cause we were at the beach after all.   And of course that meant we should support the local economy and eat seafood in Calabash a few times.  Starting with the first night of course.  Because we hadn't gone grocery shopping yet.  Or because we couldn't wait to consume some Calabash shrimp.  Either way.

the crew after dinner checking out the shrimp boats in Calabash
Oh.  And we also supported the economy with our dessert habits.  You know, we rewarded ourselves for saving money by cooking at the house by going to get "a touch of something sweet" a few times.  Or every night.  But it was vacation after all...

Sunday night:  bow tie pasta and then ice cream at the Calabash Creamery.  Oh one more thing.  Did I mention that while the kids still think it is cool,  my sister and I like to dress our kids in matchies?  Cause we do.

three of the handsomest boys i ever did see

three precious girls

just wanted you to see how cute our kiddos were in their matchies that evening

"who's got ice cream on their face?  you talkin' to me?"
Monday night:  Thai pizza followed by ice cream from the Sweet Shop at Julie's rentals on the island.  We made this one "better for us" by walking to get our sweet treat.  At least that's what we told ourselves...
lots of hands eager to help out with the pizza

pierson and ky are proud of their creation

At least we got the bonus of walking back to our house by taking a night walk on the beach.

watching the dark water behind them while beside the pier
Tuesday night:  Joe's Crab Shack (okay, not supporting local economy, but we do look forward to our steampots each year!) with a dessert appetizer of free taffy from the sweet shop and a stop at Krispy Kreme (again, not so local, but who can turn down a hot donut?).

the M6: full of crab edition

could they be any cuter?

my sister's beautiful family

enthralled by taffy making

entranced with making the donuts

Wednesday night: Roast pork loin followed by the creamery ~ again.  We do love our ice cream.  (Yearly pictures with Scoop and Dip to come...)

end of day four with no naps (except for the peanut) made for one SILLY bunch

wouldn't you want to be on this hammock too?  neither did daniel...
Thursday night:  Chicken taco bar and then cupcakes from Turtle Crossing Cupcakes ~ the cutest cupcake shop I ever did see!  And oh the flavors ~ everything from Almond Joy to Snickerdoodle with plenty of deliciousness in between...

pretty much pictured out by thursday...

we had six of the beach bear variety!
Friday night: Asian burgers and smores.  Our only night that we made dessert at the house.  Just because you can't waste those coals.

it was his first s'more.  we think he liked it.
 And then, what seemed all too soon, it was time for bed on our last night at the beach.

the kids may have been too juked up on sugar to go to bed immediately...
Sad as we were about our week of good eatin' coming to an end, at least we knew we could look forward to lunch at the Seafood Hut on the way out.

Cause you just can't have enough Calabash shrimp while at the beach, now can you?


TanyaLea said...

Okay Kristi ~ you are seriously making me hungry for a midnight snack. Luckily, none of those yummy foods you mentioned are within reach or anywhere close, for that matter!! ;)

GREAT photos yet again. Love'in the beach and living vicariously through you... I so want one of those vacations sometime, too!! Enjoy your final time there and all that yummy food too boot!


P.S.>>> LOVE the matchie kids outfits ~ do it while they still let you!!! ;)

Pam said...

What a great post! You all ate so well! And I LOVE the matchies. The cutest little group I ever did see! And Sea Food Hut.....our very favorite local spot! But really, would you ever go there if you didn't "know" about it? Well, maybe so when you see the line they get! What fun beach memories!

Sharon said...

love the pictures and all those beautiful faces in their matching outfits. I have to say beach vacations HAVE to be the best!!!!

Grandma Shultz said...

Yum, yum, yum. Really like that yo girls dress them in "matchies". It is just so cute and they really like it - especially the girls. Hunting our dessert each evening was fun. And the Calabash shrimp is always a treat. Marvelous week!

Our Journey to China said...

Love it!!! I think we need a 'reunion' at the beach! :0)

Traci said...

Yep we are total dorks, but it is so fun to dress them alike. Oh how I love the food at the beach! Cupcake run anyone?!

Nancy said...

The kids look so cute in their matchies! What great pix. Everyone looked like they had a fantastic time. Love the photo of Daniel eating ice cream and a smore!