Everyone loves a fun surprise

This week I was looking back for a specific picture in my photo files and stumbled upon a file from two months ago that sadly got overlooked in the chaos of getting ready for China.  Things got a little busy in those last two days, but I would be remiss if I didn't share our "surprise visit" with the F family.

Laine and I were the instigators.  How she ever managed to convince Rob that our town in NC was "on the way" from Alabama to DC, I'll never know.  Well, maybe it was the chorus of kiddos she had on her side.  And it helps that we think Rob likes our family too.  Anyway, I knew about the visit for two weeks.  (after of course I assured them that stopping by for an afternoon three days before we left on "operation Daniel" was no problem ~ what were we going to do anyway?  Pack?)

But my family?  They had no idea.  Only thing I told them was that they needed to be out of pajamas, showered and dressed for the day by 11:30 cause we had a surprise coming.  Wish you had seen the looks on faces when that big black Surburban pulled up in our driveway.

The plan was for Candie, DQ's "BFF pen pal," to ring the doorbell and for me to make sure that DQ answered the door.  But the best laid plans sometimes fail.  In this case Darcy and Caleb had headed outside to play in the front yard and Candie walked right past them in her excitement to get to the door.  So much for the plan.

But everyone was thrilled to get to spend an afternoon together anyways.

While we grown-ups sat around the dining room table and talked about our upcoming adoptions, New Day foster home, parenting, and life in general, our kids enjoyed some time together.  There were kids in the playroom... on the stairs... in the family room... in the dining room... in the front yard... everywhere.  And it was WONDERFUL!

Before they left we got a picture of Ian and I with Caleb's dream sibling set.  Crazy kid is still asking for five brothers and five sisters...

And I simply must point out that I got a smile out of darling little Kevin.

Oh how quickly those four hours passed.  All too soon it was time for one last picture of the BFFs

and then we sadly watched that big ole Suburban head down our road.

And as they left we heard little voices ask ~ "When do we get to go to the mountains with them again?"

My answer?  Hopefully soon!

Get ready mountains, there's gonna be three more kiddos when our families are together again!


Laine said...

Aw I cannot WAIT until that day arrives! :) That was a very fun much has happened since then!
We love yall! Big squeezes from AL!

Traci said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love it when kids are everywhere!

Ruth Marie said...

it is great to see two great family having fun together cant wait to see them all together with Daniel and the other two F family kids

Nancy said...

Yay for fun with friends (especially surprise friends)!

Heather said...

Looks like head out to Oregon too! Hehehe!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a blessing that they came out of the way for an afternoon visit.
All of those children together puts a big smile on my face. God is so good!