Did I mention...

...that while we were in China meeting our little universe shaker (yes, that's what his Chinese name translates to...really) we missed a very special homecoming?

I didn't?

Somehow in all the rush that was finishing up getting ready, I think I overlooked getting the word out that our sweet friends Deb and Jeremy (remember praying for them back here and here?) finally got to bring their precious ones home from Ethiopia.  It was a really hectic time.  I'm dreadfully sorry that I didn't let those of you who prayed for them know sooner.  

But maybe you can overlook that error with some pictures of Daniel playing with his new friends?

Hey Mahlia, can you help me sort these shapes?

Yes, I think those red things go in this hole Raji.
And I'm sure there will be many, many more pictures like that to come...

Welcome home Raji and Mahlia!


Traci said...

GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Thankful they are home!

Cindy M said...

They are precious, and God IS so good!! Two less! Three, counting Daniel! :) Four, counting Suzie Joy! It's been a great month for the kingdom!

Donna said...

Yay!! So glad to see all of these sweet ones home!!!!!

Nancy said...

WOO HOO! Welcome home!