Beating the heat

I'm not even going to bother to complain about the heat we've been experiencing.  Once glance at the national weather map shows that noone anywhere in the country would have sympathy.  We're all hot.  And you'd think that living here in NC essentially all my life that I'd be used to the muggy hot that July brings.

The only problem for me is that I'm now experiencing it with a new toddler in my house.  We've spent many days while Ian's been at work so far just hanging here in the air conditioning at home.  We have played in the backyard some, but to do that comfortably we have to be outside EARLY in the morning ~ though this week early hasn't seemed to help as we've had days where it's been 95 by 9am.

Sensory experience with dried rice, beans and popcorn in the sand table.
But as well as they have done, all four kids ~ and me ~ are starting to go a little stir crazy.  We have lots of wonderful parks nearby (and my big kids know it), but we really can't take advantage of them right now with our crazy heat indexes.  I simply can't justify taking my preschoolers outside when we have excessive heat warnings.  We also have a membership at our children's museum, there are some wonderful free museums nearby, and the local movie theatres are doing free Wednesday morning movies for kids, but I just haven't felt brave enough to venture out into public on my own with four kids yet.  Well, there was the milk/bread/bananas run on Wednesday of last week ~ I'm still not over that grocery fiasco.  I may never grocery shop again...

After that experience, I'll be hanging near home for a while, until Daniel has a little more English under his belt and I am more used to counting to four every five seconds to make sure I have all my kiddos accounted for.   For now we'll be chugging along with Thomas at the train table, entertaining princesses in the doll house, and fighting off the killer mosquitos when we break out the waterworks in the backyard.

A dish and car washing party with buddies Abbey and Elijah.

Even Maya wants in on the cooling action!

Frozen simply gogurt provides some refreshment for Elijah and Daniel (six months apart and 'around the corner neighbors' ~ these guys were destined to be buddies!)
Eventually the temperatures will drop ~ though the 10 day forecast isn't offering any hope just yet.  Until then, stay cool!


Ann Marie said...

I'm still traumatized from the first time I took all 5 of mine grocery shopping for the first time after Drew came home. It does get easier.

Julie said...

Ditto to everything you said about the heat. Oh my word! We were crazy enough to attempt family pictures today, worst idea ever.
Love that you used beans in your water/sand table, I will have to steal that idea. I'm ready to be done with the sand.

Traci said...

It is crazy hot! Even the swimming pool isn't refreshing!

Nancy said...

YAY! I can comment again! Not sure what was up with my eBlogger account but I couldn't comment for the longest time on anyone's blog.

I am impressed you took all 4 grocery shopping!!! I haven't been out with 2 alone yet. I couldn't in the spring because of my long recovery. Dave was then home for the summer so we really didn't have a need for me to take the kids out alone. I'll be doing it soon enough but I'm almost back to normal with the exception of my knees.

Anonymous said...

You're a great mom, Kristie. It's been hot here too, but I don't think it's been quite as hot as what you've been getting. The kids look like they're having a lot of fun regardless.

Glenda said...

Thanks for including my kids in the outdoor waterworks. They had such a great time. Love the picture of Elijah and Daniel, definitely best buddies to be!

Heather said...

It's been terrible here too. But those pics are the cutest!

Kathy said...

You are doing a great job Kristi. Just hang in and before long the heat wave will be over. So glad the kids have "close by" friends to share time with. They all seem to be thriving. Wishing you all the best and sending prayers your way!!
Love, Grandma M