Summer wish

Do you have a summer wish?

Maybe the chance to finally sit down and read "that book" that has been sitting on your nightstand for months?  (I think I remember what this thing called reading is about)

Possibly to tackle that home renovation project you've been waiting to start?  (Ian is chomping at the bit to get started converting the "bonus room" into his woodworking shop)

Or like my three kids, do you dream of a week either playing in the sand at the beach, getting to meet the fairies at Disney, or finally, finally getting to meet your younger brother in China?  (So the last one is coming true real soon)!

I'd like to introduce you to Brad. 

Brad desires to have the schooling necessary to become a scientist, though for the summer he'd be content to spend his allowance on yummy treats at Walmart.

Brad & his clover

I've never met Brad in person ~ though I hope to remedy that one day ~ but our family sponsors him through An Orphan's Wish.  I've had the honor of volunteering my time to assist An Orphan's Wish for nearly a year now and I've learned that they are the real deal. AOW is currently running their summer sponsorship campaign. 

The organization's wish?  To have the House of Love fully funded.  On June 1, 65 sponsors were still needed.  As of today, that number is 49. 

Would you like to be one of the 49 remaining sponsors to make Brad's ~ and all the other children's ~ wishes come true?  $35 a month is one less meal out.  Check out the following link.  There is a really cool tee involved...

An Orphans Wish

Brad and his friends say thank you!

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Learning Together at Home said...

Kristi - I know you are swamped with getting things settled at home and getting packed to head to Daniel, but I'd like to send you Caleb's book that you "won" on the blog. Can you pop me an e-mail with your snail addy? Thanks. :)