This is what it is like

Admittedly it has been a bit...oh, I don't know...say, busy...around our home.  When things get really busy, I tend to um, well...for lack of a better word...stress just a bit.  (and by a bit I mean a lot).

There have been many nights that I've found it difficult to go to sleep, or if sleep did come quickly, it was interrupted in the wee hours of the morning with a racing mind, trying to catalog the things that needed to get done within a very limited time period.

I've joked that if we have another necessary move while the children are young that Ian will have to take me out of this house in a straight jacket.  (You military families that do this on a regular basis have my full admiration and respect!)

And yet...

A sweet friend sent me a note via "snail mail" (it is so fun to find a surprise in the mailbox in this world of technology, isn't it?) that contained the following message ~ "...I pray you are very aware of the Lord's presence during this time and that He will give you moments of rest in Him during this busy, busy time!..."

We have indeed felt His presence and I would be remiss if I didn't share with the blog world how absolutely humbled Ian and I have been at the generosity of our family, friends, and new neighbors in these few weeks of transition.

That generosity has come in several forms.  Much of it has been in the gift of time.  It has looked a lot like this...

Three of the eight friends who were here the day after closing to help me paint six rooms in the house.

Two more of the crew ~ these two drove up from our old town to help out!

Just a few members of the six member fence crew (with a small extra on the right).
Sometimes fence work included the non-glamorous job of raking the bushes that were "trimmed"
 ...and this.

My Mama has been present for every move I've ever made (even though she detests the process of moving).  She actually was a hero and drove up both weekends to help out with the kiddos.

Three of the SEVENTEEN folks who lent a hand on moving day.
Some stayed long after others headed home to assist in bed set up so we could sleep that night.
On painting/fence "party" day we had 14 people here to assist us in our major projects.  The very next Saturday 17 people (many of them overlapping from the week before) came out to offer their muscles in getting our belongings moved from one household ~ and storage unit ~ to another.  And that was just on the two Saturdays.  We have to remember the number of folks who watched our kids numerous evenings in the two weeks leading up to moving day so that Ian and I could gather supplies, pack boxes, and begin to get some work done here in our new home after we closed.

That generosity has also come in the form of welcomes to the neighborhood.  Those have looked like this...

A set of 15 New Address cards to send out.

Our new next door neighbors provided an amazing lunch for our moving crew ~ brought the table over and everything!
...and this.

Roses from the other next door neighbor's rose garden.
We've also been welcomed with cookies, home-made lemon squares, an amazing fresh baked chocolate pie, a pineapple (traditional symbol of hospitality), beautiful flowers from the farmer's market, and our sheets and towels being washed on moving day.

Indeed, through the generosity of those around us, we HAVE felt His presence!  We are blessed!!!

[Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.]  John 13:35 (NLT)


Michelle said...

Love the new house,I said the exact same thing about moving about two moves ago. It is so awesome to have friends like that...

prechrswife said...

Looks like God sent you some wonderful blessings during your move. He is so good!

Oh, and your personality sounds so much like my personality that it is kind of scary. :-)

Our Journey to China said...

LOVE the house! So sorry we did not get to gawk at it while there. But you would think we spent weeks with how Emma's talks of "Ky-yee, Darcy, and Calb!" So... both of us being former military and having moved at least six times in eight years...wondering if God has another one in our near future. I wish He would 'share' a little. :0)

Heather said...

Wow! You guys have some amazing friends! That's great! I can't imagine what the rooms would look like if you had to paint them by yourselves with all the kids "helping"! LOL Would be unique! So glad things are going well.

Julie said...

Sounds like you have wonderful friends and fabulous new neighbors!!!

Naomi said...

You do have amazing friends!! What a blessing. I am so glad that you are settling in well and sensing His presence! I can't believe that this will be us in less than three weeks, (Lord willing)!!

Your new house is beautiful too!!

So excited to be your neighbour..... just in the next town!!

love Naomi

Cindy M said...

I would have come bearing chips and sals...I might come bearing them in July on our way home from HHI...I'm going to have to see Daniel, you know. So consider this your rain check. :)

Andrea said...

What a great picture of community! How wonderful to make new friends and keep the old, especially at this time. The house looks lovely (and spacious!) Praying you feel settled soon so you can plan that trip to China!!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the new house! How wonderful to have so much help with the move & settling in. Looks like you have some fantastic neighbors. Sorry I haven't commented much lately, just getting around to catching up on blog reading! :)

Lisa said...

Your new place looks great! I'm so excited for you. What a welcome! You have some wonderful friends!