Checking in from boxland

Thought I'd pop in for a few minutes today to report that while there is mostly coffee and Diet Coke surging through my veins, we're alive and well here in boxland.  I'm looking forward to Saturday night, sleeping in our bed in our new (to us ~ the house was built in 1971) home, even with boxes all around.  Because there won't be the same deadline to unpack them all as there is to get them packed...
This weekend we we blessed with amazing family and friends who gave unselfishly of their time to help us get ready for the move.  My sister and a dear friend drove up from "back home" to help me select paint colors for the house.  (And by help me, I really mean chose the colors for me as I scurried across Lowe's gathering things for Ian's fence building party).   Then Saturday reinforcements arrived and we painted six, yes SIX, rooms (three bedrooms, the den, the dining room and the formal living room which will be 'the playroom' for at least a few more years.  The smallest of those six rooms is 14.8 x 13.7 ~ advantage of an older house, HUGE rooms! ~ so it is AMAZING that we got so much done) while Ian and his crew built a split rail fence in the yard to contain our furry, four legged kid. But that rush is over and now I'm back to boxing up. 
So for a quick morale boost, I'm looking back at pictures of a recent, relaxing Saturday for just a few minutes.  We spent the day before Easter with some extended family at a park near my mom's house.  The only things on the agenda were grilling out, an egg hunt for the kids, and enjoying one another's company.  We were there from about noon until the sun went down, so I'd say it was a mission accomplished!  Here are a few snapshots to capture the day.  (all compliments of my sister as I forgot to take my camera on the road trip)

new variation of the parachute game

mom's grandkids ~ missing one.  (for those that understand the lingo, we've been cabled, so it's getting close!)

sisters and best friends!  and i have to comment on the dresses.  i admired these dresses at gymboree last year, but couldn't justify paying full price.  imagine my excitement when i found them both in the sizes i needed at the consignment sale and paid $5 for one and $3 for the other!

sweet chloe is growing up!

maylin and pierson (my niece and nephew) just monkeying around

the egg hunt is on!

"what do you mean they are empty?" ~ love her expression

ky caught daddy with her butterfly net (the prize for a successful egg hunt)

uncle mike helps caleb hone his tadpole catching technique

heck with tadpoles and stinky water, anyone see any butterflies?
suddenly i was the butterfly with nine nets headed my way!
the grandkids of my mom and my mom's sister
of course the rock location caused a slight scuffle to be king of the mountain between cousins ~ don't worry, the tiff was short lived.

kyler found inner peace while the scuffle was going on (totally cracked his mom up with this one!)

bryson was interested in wildlife

so was maylin

our walk through the woods on the trail began with admiring the creek.

before long wading was involved.

and i guess i knew it was coming...

the walk back to our picnic shelter

darcy and bryson bonded over some chips

sliding action
What a delightful day it was!  Such fun to catch up with aunts, uncles and cousins and watch our children play as if they were together every day...


Leeann Mangum said...

you're life looks a little like mine right now - you are moving late at night and i'm in the library studying for exams late at night. the end will come for both of us soon!keep pushing on!

Heather said...

Looks like fun!! Oh, not the moving, just the kids!

anything but LoKEY said...

Definitely a sweet time together! So good when we can look at these kinds of pics when we are stuck inside with boxes...or in my case piles of laundry to catch up on...and here I am reading blogs. :)

Amy Murphy said...

Looks like an awesome day, and how awesome is that story about the dresses????

prechrswife said...

Looks like a fun day! And I hope the rest of your packing and moving goes smoothly. I really don't enjoy packing, especially the last few boxes when you're scraping together all the odds & ends left in the house. And I'm one who has to have things unpacked soon after moving in. I can't stand living out of boxes.

Laine said...

What FUN! I just love how you all live life to the fullest!
I mean, WHY NOT move, right? :)
Been praying for you in Boxland btw...
if only we were closer....

Heather said...

Cabled .. wahoo! Loved the pictures of the kiddos. What a wonderful time! Hope all goes smoothly with the move my friend.

Traci said...

So much fun! It was such a great day! I am so glad we got so much painting done! Your house is great!
We just need to pick it up and move it a little bit west! :)

Melissa said...

What a fun, wonderful day! You definitely needed to have a week-end like this before your crazed packing/painting/digging weeks!!! The pictures tell the story of what an amazing time this was!!!

Nancy said...

Great pix!! LOve the dresses (and a good bargain)!