Babysitters in training

My girls both ADORE babies.

"the twins" enjoy swinging time with my girls at playgroup
 Luckily for them, we have several friends with little ones.  So they get lots of time to oogle over babies.

Ky especially loves little Vivienne
Darcy tries her hand at containing Miles.
Give 'em about seven or eight years.  I'm sure their first jobs will be babysitting for neighbors or friends from church.  They seem to be naturals.  My boy on the other hand? 

Well, he's trying.  He adores little ones, especially Miles and Vivienne, and always wants to try to help feed them and care for them. 

But for him maybe it's not quite as natural.


He's trying though...

**For the record, I do recommend having your child's eyes checked by a pediatric opthamalogist and not just relying on the vision checks at yearly pediatric visits.  As it turns out Caleb is 20/25 in his left eye and about 20/200 in his right.  We had no idea...**


Heather said...

We just had Grant's yearly check. Eye got much worse...again! YIKES! Poor kiddo. Makes me a little nervous for him.

The girls definitely look like naturals! There are some mommas out there that are going to love them when they are 15 and babysitting!

prechrswife said...

So cute! MJ loves babies, too. :-)

Lindsay said...

I think Zach will be a good match for Caleb! Zach isn't really the cuddle type more the "I am going to use you as a human jungle gym" type!

Julie said...

I recognize Caleb's face....that's the same look has every time he tries to lift Wyatt.
Thanks for mentioning the eye dr. I'll add to to the list, right after concuring the dentist.

Nancy said...

My baby wants to be adored by your girls!

quilt-n-mama said...

My littles love babies too. They are hoping that Clara will still have a little baby in her by the time we get home:)