Just in case you wondered...

...what a "Swagger Wagon" at MAX car seat capacity looks like.

i don't even think a small child could squeeze in between the two car seats in the back
Two weeks ago we had a VERY busy few days around our house.  Abbey and Elijah came over for a two night sleepover. 

Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we weren't confined to the house.  (I have a new respect for moms of many in lousy weather climates!)  Our days were filled with time splashing in the water table,

creating bubbles,

park visits,

(Nope, no pictures of those trips ~ who has time for a camera at the playground when you are watching five preschoolers?  I was too busy counting to five.  Over and over and over again!)

and stopping to catch our breath.

For a few magical moments I even managed to catch them all in an agreeable mood for a mini-photo shoot.

We had a lot of fun, even if it was at times a bit chaotic.  I'm not gonna lie, by the time it was all said and done, I was flat exhausted. The secret to how I survived?

Two words:


(at which time I may have caught a cat nap or two myself!)


Jennifer Taylor said...

Love it! What a blessing!

Rachelle said...

The only thing that could make that car full of little Asian wonders any cuter is if my boys were there. So. So. Sweet.

Michelle said...

Love it, Our van is full on Monday's and I have to climb thru to get kids out for preschool.

Gwen said...

synchronized napping = very wise :)
Looks like you all had a fun time!

Sarah said...

Group naptime ALWAYS saves the day. Even when you're having a good day it just makes it even better.

Traci said...

Makes my head spin just looking at the pictures! So cute though.
In the picture of the water table I really can't tell which one is Kylie, at first I would have definitely said the girl on the right due to the hair, but then I noticed she has on a bikini?! (and a very cute one at that!) Could that possibly be Kylie?

Amy Murphy said...

That's so awesome! Great pics!

Glenda said...

I knew the whole time I was gone that my babies were being well loved, and the pictures confirm it! Totally blessed by your sacrificial friendship!

Heather said...

That looks like you got some great practice in! So fun!