we've been to ohio and are home.  it was an exhausting, difficult, yet wonderful weekend. 

i'm still processing.  likely will be for some time to come.  and i want, or maybe even feel that i need to capture what this past weekend, the celebration of my grandfather's life, meant to me.  but it will take some time to compose thoughts that will do justice to his memory.  and there likely won't be time for at least a few more days. 

i think God knew that i was going to need some diversion following such a loss.  about six months ago plans were set in place for us to have a "two night sleepover" with my dear friends' two littlest kiddos while she headed on a business trip with her hubby.  from eight this morning until eight wednesday night, i have five kids.  (ages five, four, four, four, & three)  if today is any indication ~ fun but busy! ~ i likely won't resurface again until after they head home.

but tonight i had to say thank you to so many for your calls, cards, emails, comments and facebook messages offering prayer and sympathy.   your support has helped more than you know during a very difficult time.


Chris said...

I am so sorry for your loss!

Looking at all those sweet kiddos, a person can't help but smile!!! :)

God's peace be with you.

Rachelle said...

So sorry, friend. The loss of my grandfather was so hard. Prayers and hugs.

Lisa said...

Thinking of you Kristi! So very sorry for your loss. Enjoy your time with all of those sweet fun!


Glenda said...

You, are indeed, my hero!!