Sunday Snapshot {sibling love}

When Caleb first came home the relationship he had with Ky was at tumultuous at best.  Those first few months were so rough that I often push them into the recesses of my mind and try to let them stay there.

Thankfully, ever so slowly but surely, things improved until one day we realized that those two were self proclaimed "best buddies."  They laughed together, got in trouble together, played together and were, as the old saying goes, "thick as thieves."

It was right at this time last year, after all the Ts had been crossed, all the Is had been dotted, all the forms approved, and we were waiting for our TA to go meet our Darcy Q that I suddenly had fears.

Not fears that it would take a while to come out of the fog that is jet lag with one new preschooler in the house.  I knew that was going to be tough.  But I also knew that we'd eventually come out on the other side of adjusting to being a "one child larger" family.

Rather, what I suddenly had concerns about ~ regrets almost ~ was that by having one more child in the mix that we'd "mess up" the beauty that had finally evolved in their relationship.

That one child would constantly be the "third wheel."

My fears turned out to be unfounded.  Because Ky and Caleb opened themselves and made room for their mei mei.

Some may say we were "just lucky."  I prefer to believe that God's overwhelming grace and mercy has showered upon our family.

Now don't let me paint a "our family is perfect and our kids never have skirmishes" picture.  We're not and they do.  Lawsy mercy they do!

But you know what they do even better than occasionally pair off (and those pairings switch according to weather, mood, and last one up) or fight? 

They look out for each other.  And they love.  Man do they love!

The really good news?

I'm pretty sure they all, but especially this one, have room in their hearts for their little brother too!


Ni Hao Yall

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Walking to China said...

So, so sweet! Love really does grow, doesn't it?

Gwen said...

I love this post! I was also worried when we brought Sarah home-Jason is only 14 months older than her and I thought the adjustment was going to be really hard.

Granted, we have our moments, but overall, Jason and Sarah are really great together. It is a joy to watch them play most of the time!

So, yes, I think Daniel will fit right in with your cute kiddos!

(P.S. Weird that you got an old post of mine on your feed-- let me know if that keeps happening-- have no idea why!!)

Rebecca said...

The girl in the pink shirt and pretty skirt? Totally love the entire ensemble!

Jen said...

Oh my they are perfect! By themselves and TOGETHER! Siblings make life a funner place to be! :)

Amy Murphy said...

That is just so cute! The pictures, but how they love each other, too. I hope one day that Ewen will get to have a little brother to be close with.

Cindy M said...

Caleb, you just crack me up! That last photo is HILARIOUS.

Julie said...

I remember being worried that Will would think Wyatt had ruined our "perfect" family....he acted like he did for about 2 weeks and then he finally warmed up to his brother (though some days are better than others). Praying the transition goes well when Daniel joins the mix :)

Nancy said...

I love you talk of the "pairings" and how they change according to day and mood. My 6 still also have these ever-changing pairings and age and gender really make no matter. Sometimes it's the 14 year old girl and her 3 year old brother. Or my 8 year old son and his 17 year old sister together. I am in awe of how God just puts it all together!
Thank you for sharing!
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Jennifer and Greg said...

I know this feeling also. The first few weeks are a blur, the dust settles, the kids are not getting along, then all of a sudden you find your are in a peaceful spot. Our youngest two, both adopted from China had to work their way to a love relationship. Love truly needed time to grow.

Thanks for sharing!


Heather said...

I bet they will slather their little didi with affection especially since they are the big kids!

Ann Marie said...

Isn't it a miracle to watch the children that God drew together grow in friendship and love. I never stop being in awe and humbled by it. It also means too that you and Ian have made a home where each child feels secure and they don't have to fight eachother for attention.

Anonymous said...

Caleb (and the girls) are growing up so fast. I love the shots of Caleb in this post.
~Kate and Andy

Andrea said...

You go girl! Break those stereotypes and myths about siblings close in age! I think my girls have room for at least one if not more siblings to add to the mix.

Jodi said...

So sweet!! And yes, I agree - that they seem to have a whole lot more love to give!!!

Traci said...

And Pierson and Maylin apparently have room for one more cousin! They talk about Daniel all the time! We are all excited!!!

Glenda said...

I love that sweet trio! They are siblings through and through. Can't wait until the trio becomes a quartet, and I know they will still have just as much (if not more) love and loyalty for and to each other. I love the pictures they are growing up so fast!

Angela said...

Oh heavens. Those were some mighty cute pictures of some mighty cute kids. So, so sweet!

Daisy Dreams said...

Cute, cute, cute!! My two "littles" are 4.5 months apart and the BEST of friends. As a matter of fact, they don't think they need any other friends because they have one another! I hope they are as thrilled with their new little brother as they say they'll be!

Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, yes, I am sure that those little bumpkins have lots of room in their huge hearts for Daniel.
We ALL have plenty of room!

Nancy said...

What great photos! Its beautiful how they all love each other so much. Can't wait for Daniel!

GabbyRM said...

Cute kiddos. They are so sweet!