Life in a doll house

So the boys (yes, I know one of them isn't home yet) got a train table.  What was on the docket for the girls you ask?

A doll house.

checking out the dollhouse for the first time ~ there was squealing galore!
A GIANT doll house.

**for reference, Ky is currently right at 42 inches tall **
***scratch that 42 inches, that's so august's measurement.  checked her just before she went to bed.  she's 43 1/4 inches now.   somebody make the growth slow down a little!***

(see previous post about how this cozy house is starting to get more and more snug...  Ian and I were so excited about our crazy ~ and I do mean crazy ~ good deal we found on Amazon, with FREE shipping, that we clicked on the purchase button before we stopped to really think about where the doll house was going to fit).

Despite the "where is it going to fit in our house" issue, doll houses have been the topic of choice with the girls for a while now.  We researched high and low, considering the size of the house (would it allow both girls to play together) and the stuff it came with (some houses cost much less, but come with NO furniture and furnishing a house for dolls is almost as expensive as furnishing a real house) and what size dolls could fit inside (they already had a few "fashion dolls" that the giant house would accommodate and we knew they were getting fairy dolls from grandparents, but doll sets for little houses are EXPENSIVE). 

There were a few other little surprises.

ky was adorable that morning ~ EVERY gift she opened brought about a delighted face and the phrase, "it's just what i always wanted!"

dq quite excited about her butterfly craft kit

But the focus of the day was definitely the doll house.

even "david" decided to get in on the doll house action

barbies, fairies, and princess ballerina dolls are enjoying their new home

Since we got home Monday night, the kids haven't left the house.  (I only have to go to the grocery store).  They haven't even asked to go anywhere.  There have just been hours and hours of doll house time.

It's so worth hardly being able to walk through our living room...


Kristi said...

OHHH, sissy wants to come play, she is tired of the trains, HEE HEE. I saw a super cute doll house at TJ's and wanted it, but nay she is only one. My sister was here for xmas morning and when the snow started she headed your way and it followed her all the way home. So I was thinking about you and how your kids would have a white xmas this year too.

Nancy said...

How fun! Can't wait to get dollhouses and stuff for our little girl.

Laurie said...

LOVE it! I'm starting to think we should have researched that more. Seems like LOTS of little girls are loving new doll houses this year! :) 42 inches? Seriously? She's got Allison beat. I think she's at 41.

Traci said...

Too cute! I bet Maylin will love to see that when we get up there one day!

Glenda said...

I know that Abbey and Elijah are going to be right at home playing at your house! So, who needs a living room anyway??

Angela said...

Love, love, love Kylie's expression! And I hope your little man is feeling better soon!

a Tonggu Momma said...

That is absolutely The Most Wonderful dollhouse I have ever seen. Glad the girls loved it so much (and that the train table was a hit, too). Happy New Year to y'all - may 2011 feel cozy and snug! *grin*

Grandma Shultz said...

What a doll house, Kylie and Darcy!
Grandma can't wait to come up and play with you.