Dear Maylin,

Just one year (and six days ago) November 23rd  ~ your 4th birthday ~ was a painful reminder that you and your brother weren't home yet.  I remember calling your mommy to commemorate the day.  I remember how many times in the months that your mommy and daddy waited for you that I looked at your eyes in this picture (with your cousins of course) and tried to decide what your personality was like.

Now you are here.  Today marks eight months since you stepped off the plane in NC, eight months since I got to see you in person for the first time.  And oh what a joy it has been (even from across the state) to watch the timid layers peel off and reveal more and more of your delightful personality. 

The eyes tell so much more now.  Most days they sparkle to express your exuberance for life.  Occasionally they cloud over when you are displeased, but even then they reveal the passion with which you embrace all things.  Your spunk will serve you well later in life! 

While we weren't in town to celebrate you on your actual birthday, it was a joy to see the delight in your eyes as we celebrated you with cupcakes again on Sunday. 

You are deeply loved my precious niece!   May your zest for life continue well beyond these young years.




Laine said...

So so precious! She is one beautiful lady!

And you are a sweet sweet ayi!

Got your message...whirlwind times, I tell ya! But I sure loved hearing your sweet voice! It made me long even more for a F/M wknd!

Hey, that's got a nice ring! :)



Larry and Carol said...

What a beautiful picture of Maylin on her birthday.

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a difference almost-a-year can make! I adore her smile.

Ann Marie said...

So sweet!

Jennifer Taylor said...

Simply Beautiful!!!

Nancy said...

So sweet! Love her expression with the cupcakes & candles.

Traci said...

Happy Birthday my love!