Sunday Snapshot {State Fair 2010}

We came.

We saw.

We conquered all.

Oh wait,I guess it wasn't quite that dramatic.  But Ian and I did feel like we were pretty big stuff navigating the state fair with three preschoolers.  'Course compared to navigating the breakfast buffet at the Garden Hotel with three preschoolers, the state fair was a piece of cake.

Perhaps that's why we had so much fun...

Thanks to buying our tickets ahead of time online (at about half price), there were rides galore!

excitement builds before the first ride!
second ride ~ this would be when we began to realize that the name 'Daredevil Darcy' doesn't even begin to tell the story.

this was the ride she talked about all night

wee one has her hands up!

my brave son decided to take the lead on this one

and they thought letting Lightning McCaleb drive was a good idea?

who doesn't love the 'spinny floor' in a fun house?
carefully deciding which balloon gondola to board when their turn came

after the jaolopy ride, the girls decided to make brother take a back seat on the monster trucks

this was the daredevil's favorite ride ~ so much so that it is the only one they rode twice

the leader of the pack...

...with these two flying wingman to protect their leader from bogey fire
ferris wheel ~ yes, i'm holding him tight for a reason!

safe in daddy's big strong arms

this monster took 25 of our tickets, but it was a highlight

There were tried and true favorites tastes and some new treats to be had!

a boy and his corndog ~ gone in two minutes flat

redefining slow eating  savoring her hot dog

dog first, followed by ketchup side and then mustard side of bun ~ and then the rest of her sister's dog.  can you say growth spurt?

new experience of cotton candy ~ it was love at first lick

just a sample of the deep fried treats

my man loves his peanut butter ~ I opted for fried green tomatoes

There were games to be played, with prizes to be won ~ goes without saying of course that cheap prizes were immediately doused with Lysol upon arriving home.  (Couldn't we just pay to let our kids play double time instead of bringing home the prize?)

fishing ~  for sharks?

the queen balloon popper ~ she got all three

elephant prizes ~ ky doing her best impression, caleb teaching his to fly, daredevil figuring out how to stuff hers in her hoodie pocket

There were animals to be seen.

Hmm, wait.  Why aren't there any pictures of that?  Oh yeah, because while we did view the animal barns, the entire time we were in them we simply heard two alternating phrases.  One ~ 'It a-tinky in here.' and Two ~ 'Let go ride MOHR rides!'  The critters simply weren't the hit that they were last year...

We did however get a picture of our ever growing ~ both in size and number of ~ kiddos in front of the blue ribbon pumpkins.  Hope they've got an even bigger bench next year!

M kids, state fair 2010

M kids, state fair 2009

we missed 2008 ~ we were on a plane to china...

M kid, state fair 2007, not in front of the pumpkins, but she did win the fish!

See you in 2011 State Fair!

With four kids and all the ride tickets, sticky food, carnie game prizes, and 'pumpkin picture takes' that will entail...


Ni Hao Y'all


Rachelle said...

So FUN! Looks like a blst!

Erika B said...

Oh, it looks like THE perfect day!

Erika B

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! You know, my momma lives just an hour south of us. And their schools actually get off for what they call "county fair day." That's when you KNOW you live in the sticks.

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love the flashbacks! Wow, your state fair is late in the year? Ours is in the hEAT of the summer. What for, i don't know! And it costs us a small fortune to go! But, it's the "thing" to do - I mean, when else can you eat deep fat fried Oreos??

Tina Michelle said...

That looks like a ton of fun! I especially love the pic of you and the three kids in front of the ferris wheel!!

Ally said...

Looks like a fun day at the fair :) Your little herd is absolutely adorable.

Pam said...

Oh such fun! And I can't wait to see photos of next year!!!!!!

Glenda said...

I love the "State Fair through the years" picture. Next year we have to plan and all go together. (You all are going to need a couple of extra hands!) Aren't we glad God makes us all different,(regarding daringness)! It would be a pretty boring world otherwise.

Jennifer Taylor said...

Looks like a wonderful night!!

Jordan Carl said...

that is awesome! I love everything you guys did and I'm slightly jealous! I haven't been to the fair in so long.

Love the pic from the ground looking up at the farris wheel with you and the kids!

Laine said...

I just love a state fair! It screams FALL to me! And FUN!
What am I sayin? Anything with the M Crew screams FUN! :)

Annie said...

Wow Kristi, that looks like such a fun night!!! I love the pics at the end of your kids at the Fair each year! What fun:)

Kathy said...

What fun!! I didn't realize the kids had gotten so brave about the rides - you must all have really had fun.
Love, Grandma M

Chris said...

What a great day!

Your kids are sooooooo brave!

And don't you just love fair food??

I know I do! Yummy!


Nancy said...

Looks like an awesome time! Love the kids Halloween shirts, too cute!

Our Journey to China said...

Looks like a great family day!! I am with you though - 'Can we just play double time?' (lol) :0)

Our Journey said...

Ok -- now I want a corn-dog!!! Looks like a BLAST!

Jennifer Barbee said...

I just have to say while the pictures of Kylie and Caleb are too, too cute - Darcy steals the show in these. Her precious little face looks so full of joy!

Wife of the Pres. said...

OK, great pics of great fun.

But that photo of Darcy with her glasses a bit crooked enjoying cotton candy for the first time ... made me get a lump in my throat.

Grandma Shultz said...

Wheee! You are all so brave. Looks like so much fun. Wish I had been there to watch.
Love you,