Where did she go?

We've been gone again.  This time for essentially ten days (though Ian was back home for part of  it).  I had scrambled to pack and get a few more posts about our previous trip done before we left on the 28th of last month and had them automatically post while we were gone in hopes that I wouldn't get too far behind again.


We've had so much fun visiting with both old and new friends, spending time at Camp Loy White for CCC's staff training, and now getting back into the groove of life at home.  I'm digging out.  Or at least trying.

But then this morning I asked Kylie if she could dress herself because I was running a smidgen behind on getting all three out the door to drop "the bigs" off at a sweet friend's house so I could take Darcy to her initial dermatology consult.  (More on that later).  And when Ky came out with a self chosen outfit, specifically requesting "one pony because it makes me look older" and then reaching for a coordinating headband to polish off the look, I almost cried.

Someone tell me where my baby girl turned preschooler went this past week.  Cause suddenly there is no denying that she is a "big girl."

 And yes, I know that one day I'll look back on this picture and think that she looks like a "such a baby compared to now."  But today it took my breath away.  And discombobulated me more.

So before she just keeps on growing, I need to record some of the funny, sophisticated things she's currently saying.  And then I'll get back to digging myself out...

The other night at dinner we were enjoying watermelon for dessert.  As Ian put several pieces onto Kylie's plate, she quickly pointed out how she didn't like the black seeds.  And then she asked Ian, "But it's okay if we eat the white ones, right?"
No sooner had Ian answered that it was indeed okay to eat the white seeds than Kylie comes back with (in a very grown up sounding voice with hands "a flyin" as she used them to emphasize her point), "Well, I'm not really a fan of of the white seeds."

 A conversation overheard while driving home from church on Sunday.
Caleb ~ "When I have five brov-fers and five sis-sers, we going to need dis many potties (holding up ten fingers) in our house!"
Kylie ~ "No Caleb, we'll need lots of potties, but not that many.  Right now we have five people in our family and we don't have five potties, we only have two!  But we are going to need a very, VERY big car!"

She is currently enjoying the knowledge that she's been with Ian and I the longest.  And she likes to make it known that she remembers both of her siblings joining our family.  It still cracks me up to hear things like, "Mommy, do you remember when we first met Darcy how she used to laugh?  That was such a long time ago..."  (I guess 3 1/2 months is a really long time when you are just four).

When she figures something out or catches on to a concept, we're sure to hear, "Oh, I see, I see!"

Her response to pretty much everything Ian and I tell her about our upcoming schedule, "Oh, I see, that's just the way it's going to work in our family?"

I suppose my favorite thing about Kylie lately is her pretty certain belief that our family isn't complete.  Cause most airplanes that catch her attention are in her mind headed to to the far East.  And she talks with confidence about "the next time we get on a plane and go to China..."


Laurie said...

More, more, more! More posts of cute little sayings! I just love these!! :) She really does sound a lot like Allison. Right now, when Allison wants me to stop explaining something (not that I'm long winded or anything!) she'll say, quickly, "Okay, I get it, I get it!"

The Ferrill's said...

That Kylie...she is something else! Iloveher spirit! Can't wait to see who God has in store for her next brother or sister! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the silver bracelet Melissa gave her makes her look like a mininature rock star! Loved being at camp with you are your family!
~Kate and Andy

Larry and Carol said...

We need to meet the two newest ones quickly before "the next time you get on a plane and go to China..."

Grandma Shultz said...

Where has our little Kylie gone? I am captured by the way her mind works. Sometimes last week she would make a statement or ask a question about something I had said 10 or 15 minutes earlier. Kylie I really like the outfit that you put on, It is a great picture! I love you,

Melissa said...

This post made my morning! It's amazing to me how grown up kids really are and how their minds work!!! She is such a good girl, and I love how you capture all that is on her mind and what she says! Sounds like you have been crazy busy - can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!!!

Angela said...

Beautiful and smart! What a sweetie she is :)

Amy Murphy said...

LOVE the little Kylie-isms! I have a file on my computer of Ewen-isms. I look forward to reading your blog the next time you go to China! :)

Amy Woods said...

Yes, where did she go??? How is she getting so big?

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh! She is something! Its been fun to see her change so much in the past 2 years.

Our Journey to China said...

The faith and belief of a child, got us two more! (Holden and Emma) I can't wait to see what God has in store for you guys. :0)She is certainly getting "big". :0)

Lindy said...

She looks darling. The girl has style!!

Kylie is such a loving big sister. I love how she has taken her younger sibs under her wing.

And tell us about Darcy's laugh... she now has an American laugh? LOL

Heather said...

I love this post. Good memories for you all. And, Kylie is right.....head back to China and bring home another one!!! Easy for me to say, right? HA!

Vicki said...

Kristi, If you are ever out here in California please come stay with us. I will take you to Legoland!
Vicki (Lily's mom)