"Scrubby Saturday"

(May 22)
Spring in NC is a glorious time of year.  The perfect weather and beautiful flora beckon our family outside to enjoy before the dreaded summer combo of "wet blanket humidity" and killer mosquitoes.

There is one trade off though.  Pollen.  And this year I'd have to say that word in all caps.  POLLEN.  It was dreadful.  Honestly, when we walked through the grass it would swirl up around our feet like mini yellow tornadoes.  There were footsteps on our deck, and it tracked throughout the entire house thanks for three sets of small feet and the long hair of our beloved doggie.

Once the rain finally came and knocked the last of the pollen out of the air, we decided to spend our free Saturday washing up.  The kids were suited up, handed buckets of soapy water and rages, and all the bicycles, tricycles, scooters, sand toys, strollers, and umbrellas came off the front porch for a giant scrub fest.  All three took their jobs seriously as the novelty of the idea stuck for quite some time.

Of course some choose to make more of a fashion statement while working than others...
It was satisfying to see the yellow residue scrub right off.  I think being able to see "washed vs. unwashed" areas so clearly kept the attention spans of the kids so long.  But somewhere about 30 minutes in, the hose fell into the wrong hands.
And from there out, our helpers were pretty useless.
But they were having fun together.
And that's what made it a Super Scrubby Saturday to remember.


Nancy said...

Love it!

Our Journey said...

Looks like so much fun!! And Darcy's swim-suit...tooooo cute!! And LOVE the boots she wears along with it....looks like Anne Marie has been teaching fashion lessons in your house! Ha!

Tina said...


Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, my darlings; would you please come and help Grandma scrub down the screened porch. Can it possibly be the middle of June and the porch has not been hosed down and the pool has not been opened? Gee, I must be getting old - or we are all too spread out (not enough hands around at the same time to get the pool open! Yikes). Looks like you helped Mommy and Daddy and then had fun in the water.
Love you,

Tricia said...

When you said the hose fell into the wrong hands, I was expecting a picture of Ian. :)

Grandma Shultz, I'll be glad to come over and help open the pool and hose off the porch. Djay said he'd help too!! And you know Dawn's a worker bee. Let's do it!!

Melissa said...

I LOVE your super scrubby Saturday and it looks like it was a lot of fun! Yep, your kids would get along great with Matthew - between the hose and the LOVE of umbrellas, we'd be all set! So glad you are "back" - missed ya!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. Maybe that will work with my kids... Grandma we'll try it on your screened porch! Aunt Cici

Our Journey to China said...

The helpful spirits and adorable pictures are priceless! :0) Missing you all!. :)