Five water

My niece and nephew, Maylin and Pierson, simply make me smile!

There are many reasons that they make me smile, but one thing in particular is their new water classification system.  I haven't figured out yet if it is based on how dangerous or how fun they think a body of water is, but it goes something like this:
"Water my house (the creek nearby them) ~ one water."
"Water gwa-ma house (the pool) ~ two water."
"Water here ("the beach" at Camp Elk Shoals outside West Jefferson) ~ five water."

Saturday we took advantage of being in the mountains for a wedding to meet up and spend an afternoon playing in the "five water." 

Five cousins in the five water.  Pretty sad that this was the best I got, they just couldn't wait to hit the rapids!

The personalities of my three shone through as we braved "the rip roarin' rapids."

Caleb, my kamakazi adventurous one, couldn't get enough!
"Really?  I get to slide down here?  This is AWESOME!"

This is the kid that I expect will be joining the circus as the guy who gets shot out of cannons.  Or blowing the minds of loyal Evel Knieval fans by creating some CRAZY stunt and pulling it off.  Or simply giving his mama a heart condition for all the times he nearly makes mine stop as he fearlessly attempts slightly reckless acts...

"Hey Maylin, you aren't moving fast enough!"  

By the end he was even trying to swim back up the mini rapid, pitting man against nature.  In this case, the little man won.  (I know this looks like a tiny little ripple in the water, but there was a lot of force moving against this little "30 pounds soaking wet" guy).  His reckless abandon had me ready to toss my big girl camera into the river several times as he'd get washed back down the little slope.

"I think I can, I think I can..."

Then there was my cautiously adventuresome one.  Darcy enjoyed the water slide, as long as she had Daddy's,
"Um, not so sure about this guys!"

Uncle Adam and Aunt CiCi's
"Hey wait, this just might be fun after all."

or Mommy's arms to hold onto. 
"Here I go!"

And then there was the cautious one.  Kylie tried the slide once and only once.  (Sadly I missed it with the camera). 
"Okay, I like this."

My big girl was much more content to stand in the ankle deep water about a foot from the bank and pose with her cousins and siblings.
"Still having fun!"

Toward the end she began to venture a bit further from the edge, giving us hope that next time she'll be ready for a bit of slidin' herself.
"Don't let go Mommy!"

As it always does when you're having fun, time flew by and before long it was time to load five sleepy kids into the car and head back to shower and get ready for Pierson and Maylin's grandpa's wedding.  (My kids pretty much think he is their grandpa too).


Donna said...

That look like serious fun!!!!

Lindy said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Five Water. Looks like a lot of fun!! The kids are all darling!!

Amy Woods said...

Ah! That so reminds me of time I spent with my cousins growing up in Trout Creek in Louisiana! Fun times!!

Rachelle said...

Five water looks fun!

Heather said...

I agree .. five water looking pretty good! :) Looks like a fun fun time.

Tricia said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Anonymous said...

We were there just a few weeks ago and my boys LOVED the water. We had trouble getting them out. Blue lips and chattering teeth and they still cried when we had to leave. I'm glad all five of them go to enjoy five water.
Steph Y

Melanie & David said...

Oh my gosh - I have got to go to this place! This looks so awesome and amazing. The pictures are fantastic! You're posting so fast and furiously, I can't even be quick enough to get my comments in, before there is a new post! Firstly, Corrie is too precious for words and I popped on to read about her families trip and it was so interesting and sounded like such an amazing experience. I love the shark pool photos! You can tell the kids were just have a a blast in that water. However, these photos you just posted show SO much about your kids! Indigo and Kylie are just alike - very cautious. I wonder if it's because they were both the first very much needed child in each family. I just love Kylie's expressions, in the one where is standing behind Caleb you can just see that she thinks he is nuts and then you see her beating a hasty retreat in the next one (or how it appears in the photos). Darcy is just a spunky little thing. She is going to give Caleb a run for his money in adventuring real soon. It also looks like she has shot up? How many inches has she grown since February? Wonderful photos and I just love the look of that place - I had not heard of it before. What a fun time. BTW, I hear we're playing six degrees of separation! Love, Melanie

Heather said...

Those kids couldn't possibly get any cuter! Adorable!!!!

Sharon said...

Look so fun...I still love to see all of those five cousins together, too precious!!

Do you know there is actually an "adventurous gene?" I watched a documentary on quadruplets and they followed them for several years, one of the boys was determined to actually carry an "adventure gene" and he was the one climbing over the baby gates stacked three high and heading out the front door at age 2....and then there is "Wild At Heart".....helped me SO understand the craziness of boys. Jordan and his cousins went thru this stage of waking each other up by punching each other in the stomach, the same boys who thought it would be a great idea to swim in the pool with trash bags over their heads to create air pockets so they could breath underwater...shish!!!! gotta love those boys!!!!

Larry and Carol said...

What a fun day. Reminds me of Swallow Falls near Frostburg. Remember it?

Nancy said...

That looks awesome!!

Traci said...

To clear things up about the water rating system. I told them to tell Daddy we went down "Class five rapids" the first time we went to the river. Ever since then we all water has had a number rating depending on size of the body of water. :)
THat was so much fun to play with you guys!!!