love others

Those that know me know that I'm a "jean and t-shirt" kind of girl at heart.  Sure, you'll occasionally catch me wearing a dress or nice pants, but when you do, you can believe I'm figuring out how much longer until I can be sporting "worn in jeans with a comfy tee."

And if the tee allows me to "get my verse on," all the better!

My favorite place to drool over browse new scripture tees is Wild Olive.  They always donate 10% of their profits to a Christian based charity, but they have also started an adoption fundraiser.

Helloooo love others tee!

Best part of this is that by buying myself this great tee, I'll be helping my friend Heather bring her newest son, Hudson, home from China.

Me, Caleb, Heather, and Eli ~ November 4, 2008, Guangzhou

Adoption is an eternal investment.

It changes lives ~ and not just the lives of the children that "come home."

If you'd like to be part of Heather's family's investment ~ and "get your verse on" as well ~ head over to Wild Olive's Adoption Fundraiser page and pick a tee.  All you have to do is enter the code SELADOPT in both the coupon code field and in the comments section by June 20 for Heather to receive part of the profits from the sales to help fund Hudson's adoption.  That's it!

And wearing a totally rockin' tee is much sweeter when you know it helped to bring a child home to his forever family!


Cindy M said...

I just SAW this on their website, and I fell in LOVE with this tee! Now I have a reason to figure out a way to buy one!!

This is an awesome fundraiser idea!

Our Journey to China said...

Love the t-shirt!! I have to figure out how to get one now too and support Heather and little Hudson. :0)

Heather said...

You are AWESOME!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us spread the word about this new adoption fundraiser! I could not agree with you more - t-shirts and jeans are my "uniform", ha, and this one will be well worn! :) What a blessing to know so many will be sporting this new tee in support of our sweet Hudson. Thanks again my friend -

The Ferrill's said...

Ooooooohhhhhhhh....I love it! Kristi you are a jewel!

Tricia said...

Too weird. I was JUST looking at their t-shirts. I really liked that one and Follower.

Talked to your mom tonight. Have fun the next few days. :)

Chris said...

I just love what the girls are doing over at Wild Olive Tees....
What a fabulous idea!!!!!

I just ordered a fundraiser t-shirt yesterday...for another family....but it's all good, right???

I am so 'a jean and t-shirt' type of person also!!! :)