Reflections from the waiting chair

Darcy's surgery went very well last Wednesday.  In fact it would have been easy to forget that she had surgery at all if it weren't for the eye shield  and the cute little arm immobilizers.

Well, those visual reminders and what I learned about myself, my faith, and the support of others.

I recently had the honor of being invited to contribute to a blog that I admire greatly.  No Hands But Ours is a source of information about special needs adoptions. Ian and I read lots of information about Darcy's medical condition on sites like WebMD and Wikipedia, but it was reading how other real families were living with the conditions daily in the families stories part of NHBO that gave us encouragement.  There was a lot of prayer involved, but I would say that this site is a big piece of the puzzle that brought Darcy home to us.  Needless to say I was really excited (and nervous) about joining the ranks of the other contributors!

My very first post was scheduled for the 11th and as surgery drew near and then passed, I knew that I wanted to share my reflections from the waiting chair.

**There is more to share, including pictures, of Darcy's recovery and her post op visits.  But today was crazy busy from the start with "highlights" like sheets that had to be changed on several beds due to night-time accidents, my hairbrush that ended up in a toilet, a spoon stuck in the disposal, a drive to Darcy's second post-op at Duke, finally getting to pick up the van, and a rushed dinner before running out the door to life group.  So those details will have to wait until at least tomorrow...**

If you're interested in my emotional journey, here's a snippet of what I learned.

Reflections from my first time in "the waiting chair"

Wednesday of this past week I joined a club. A club I never would have imagined myself in just a few short years ago. The waiting chair club.

I'll have to be honest, I wasn't looking forward to being a member. Oh sure, I was all "cool hand Luke" until Tuesday. I'd casually toss out a request for friends to pray, but I was calm and relaxed.

But then "the day before surgery" came..    Read the rest here


Lilly said...

such a beautiful story will have a beautiful ending, because we know that God will never give us anything he thinks we cannot handle. That is our faith and the story that he writes every single day!

many many prayers for a quick and prompt recovery!

C.C. said...

Thank you for sharing so transparently. And praise God for answering prayers specifically!

Melissa said...

Kristi, I just love how you share so openly and honestly and are able to put into words the feelings you bear in your heart and soul. Those feelings are real, and each time you are in that chair, the feelings chancge and grow. But I am so glad you felt you were covered in prayers the whole day long, God is SO good!!!

Laurie said...

SO well written, Kristi! I felt like I was right there with you- a sign of a great writer!

Julie said...

Kristi, I love what you wrote on NHBO!

Leslie said...

You're such a good writer and such a wonderful mother, Kristi. It was so touching to read your account of your time in the waiting chair. It's amazing to see how God was all over Darcy's surgery (and will be all over the next one, if need be).

Tricia said...

I left you a comment at NHBO. I hope you get those notifications.

Nancy said...

I just read the post on the other site... what a beautiful post!!!!

Lisa said...

Caught this on No Hands and loves it... you're a blessing to many!