They've met Pierson and Maylin!!!

I don't usually post at this time of day ~ what with the pompasan chair trapping incident last week and all ~ BUT this is something that I've been waiting for since an October evening back in 2007 when my little sister told me that she and Adam were leaning toward international adoption.  Their adoption journey has been filled with many twists and turns, but God knew what the outcome would be and just look...

Mommy and her handsome boy (who apparently has a cold ~ hence the mask).
 Looks like Maylin is going to be Daddy's girl!

It's still killing me that I'm not there for for my baby sis as she became a mother like she was there for me, but oh how thankful I am that there is technology so I feel like I'm almost there.  They have more pictures up at The Bridge you Pass, if you can stand the cuteness!

For me, I have to come back from my virtual trip to Taiwan right now and do something about the naked boy running through my house like a race car... 


Grandma Shultz said...

Good luck catching the little, naked "race Car" running through your house. He is faster than lightening! haha I am now a grandmother of five! Kylie, Caleb, and Darcy; Grandma can't wait for you to meet your two new cousins. What a glorious time that will be.
I love you,

Lilly said...

i love daddy's girl on his shoulders. I hope my girl will do the same...without having to give her candy or chips. ~sigh


TanyaLea said...

Oh how wonderful!! Congrats to your sister and her hubby...looks like they have DOUBLE the blessings! <><

Now go and catch that little streaker of yours! ...LOL!! :)

Nancy said...

That is so awesome! I've been following their blog and I'm so excited for them! I can't wait to see pix of your kids with their cousins!

Pam said...

Wow!!!! Congrats to your little sis. What a beautiful family. The children look like they're adjusting very well!!!!

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Kristy I must pop over and tell your sister congratulations! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I just love watching miracles unfold!
Speaking of miracles...your one month posts and your looking back to one year ago..WOW...gripping! I loved every word about Darcy and how you came to get her file. And yes...the Lord speaks through our children so often. We just have to be still and listen, huh? ;)
Okay...going to Taiwan (virtually, anyway!)
Love you!

Journeymark Cards & Gifts said...

Kristi, thanks for keeping us updated and sharing the pictures of your sister and her husband growing as a family from 2 to 4. So precious!!!